A few more pics

nana2010_gwOctober 31, 2012

Just a few more pictures that the Witches (INSISTED) wanted me to post.

The little Village on my DGD's sewing machine in the Dining Room. From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

The dear ladies kept it simple when decorating the Mantel From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

The Witching Hour is approaching and the Coven is Still on the lookout for: From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)


She is said to be the MOST EVIL WITCH in the Universe.

She has been known to fly in any weather and no one has ever been known to reverse her Spells.

And to think she has been flying around in my house.

I think I'm going to be in for an interesting evening.

do you think I should be Afraid??

I dooooo.

Shakin in my boots


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delightful enjoyed looking at them

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I like Griselda..she doesn't look all that wicked to me! ;o) I think she's just "misunderstood". Your coven of witches is wonderful, what a neat collection of them you have! The little village is delightful. Spookey mantel! If I walked in that room at night and saw that skull, it'd probably scare the heck out of me at first.

hugs, Karen

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Nana,my DGD would love your scary mantel and all the witches. She tells me my Halloween items are too "cutesy". LOL

You have a wonderful collection of witches and I loved your little story about them. Nice little village houses too, so fun.


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I agree w/purplemoon about 'GRISELDA' ...just look at those eyes & the Gr'ma glasses ... no, you won't need to 'reverse' her spells! Actually, I think I've met 'Griselda' before ... she's not REALLY 'Griselda' ... I think her name is GRISWOLD & flew off to a 'National Lampoon Vacation!'

No need to be afraid, nana! Jeanne S.

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Nana, you really did things up for Halloween. Hope you enjoyed all this beautiful decor as much as I did!!! I had such a busy week so sorry about being late to the party.

Have you already packed it all away? I did get what little I had out packed away yesterday morning before running again.


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Thanks every one.
Don't be taken in by Griselda's innocent looks. See what I mean she is casting her spells already!!
She left here as quickly as she arrived (thank goodness).
Punk a am still putting Halloween things away.
Plus the dishes I lent to the Friends of the Library for their Harvest Tea.
My youngest DD is leaving for Taiwan, tonite, for 2 weeks, So I will be dog sitting her little dog Boo.
My youngest DGS is home from school with a chronic health problem so he will be here for a few days too.
So I gotta get moving and get things done!!

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So kewl....thanks for sharing.

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