Zephyr Monsoon II or DCBL

sitinhJune 13, 2014

I'm debating between the two. Would like the power of 1200CFM, but concern about the noise. Is the DCBL much quieter? DCBL model is only 715 CFM and is roughly $250 more than the 1200CFM model.


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I have the DCBL model, can't say if it is more quiet than the non-dcbl model as I never heard them side by side. I didn't hear mine until I got it installed in the house.

I have a BS 36" range top that it is over and for about 95% of what we cook is is just fine with the 715 CFM. The only time it has been an issue is when I am doing a steak in a cast iron pan and it just gets super smokey, then it just can't keep up and I have to pull down the smoke detector in the kitchen. It honestly doesn't get that bad in the room, and it pulls the smoke out fairly well, just can't keep up with that to keep from setting the smoke detector off. For the rest of the cooking it has been fine and never once set off the smoke detector. We have had as many as all 6 burners going, though most not on high, at the same time and it was fine then.

I LOVE the LED lights as they don't get warm at all, which to me was a big plus.

I wish I could offer up direct input on the noise levels, but I can't help with that.

good luck,

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Too much CFM is a bad thing. Noise should be the least of your worries... Makeup air is important. Do you have a chimney? Do you have other gas appliances in your house that could possibly backdraft? Very rarely do you actually need 1200 CFM. I assume you're cooking with gas, since you're looking at hoods that powerful. How wide is your cooking surface and how many BTUs total? Will you be doing indoor grilling?

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I am getting the 715 model, but I think my range has a lower output than yours.

That is really interesting that the 1200 one would cost less. Do you know why? I assumed higher CFMs in the same brand would cause the price to go up.

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The higher CFM model doesn't have their DCBL technology in it. Whether that is good or bad I will leave up to you, but one of the big differences is the LED lights as opposed to halogen lights.

So, you are paying for what they consider a technology upgrade, again is it really I don't know, but I love my DCBL model.


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Thanks! I had really decided on the DCBL option, but haven't purchased it yet. I need to stop reading about hoods.

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"on-board computer that actively optimizes your range hoodâÂÂs performance"

Sounds like just something to break, on the simplest appliance possible. Don't get me wrong, I love tech, but keep it where it belongs. Electronic controls are important to the proper functioning of modern front load washers. They are NOT important on a dryer. Yet, today's dryers are loaded to the brim with gimmicky features and flashy control panels that sing, when all that is necessary is a simple timer.

Similarly, I think brushless DC motors are awesome, and there are some applications where they really make sense, such as furnaces. But your furnace blower runs a lot in the winter, and in the summer for A/C. How many minutes per day does your hood fan run? The energy savings will be negligible unless you run your hood all day, which most people don't. As for noise level, yes BLDC motors are quieter but the motor on most hoods is barely audible, because it is drowned out by the sound of the air movement! That is the loudest sound from hoods and a quieter motor won't change that.

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philwojo99's case with the smoky steak is what I'm trying to prevent. That's exactly what we do sometimes and our current 600CFM hood can't keep up. This is going to be a 42" hood going above a 36" induction cooktop. I did compare the specs put out by Zephyr and the DCBL option looks like it's just a tiny bit quieter at the equivalent CFM. If it helps, the insert will be mounted against an outside wall and just vent straight out, very little ductwork. Other gas appliances are fireplace and furnace.

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Yeah I think 1200CFM is WAY too much for a 36" induction cooktop. But it's your kitchen, not mine, and it sounds like you already know what capacity you want.

Just make sure that you have a way to bring in 1200 CFM to make up all that exhausted air for safety reasons, especially if you have a tighter house.

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We got the DCBL, but our kitchen isn't operational yet. We used one at the showroom, though, and it was impressively quiet. We will also have induction, but our climate is mild enough that steaks are always grilled outdoors. We thought we'd play it safe in case the inspector enforced the MUA requirement above 400 (ours goes to 600 cfm, but house is all electric.)

I liked the idea that we'd run it at a lower cfm and it would really be quiet. LED lights are a bonus. Sorry no real life experience to report yet, but soon!

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Thanks for the feedback. This is a tough one! I can't find a showroom that has these side by side. Still going back and forth about which one.

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