Point me in the direction of a reasonably quite hood

gypsy_jazzJune 5, 2012

Good grief. We're in a rental for our extensive remodel. Our previous kitchen had a pretty lame OTR microwave/vent combo. This rental has a vent-a-hood that sounds like its about ready to lift off!

Anything out there that you can still have a conversation in the kitchen? Range is on exterior wall and will vent outside. Will be gas with a fairly high BTU capability and 36".

Please help get me started.

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Look for one with high CFM, but with total variable speed.This way you are not restricted to the factory presets low/med/high, and can dial-in just the right amount of venting for the situation.

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Actually, it's more complex than that. This is a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum on this Forum. The simplest answer is that a remote blower is always superior to an internal blower. If you have the ability to do one, it will far outperform any internal blower from noise standpoint. There are many other subtleties, including baffle design, ductwork configuration, use of a remote silencer, etc.

Far and away the best bet is to sit down with a glass or two of wine and search this Forum for ventilation threads.

Here's one place to start:

Vent hoods and noise, the real scoop

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