Dirt devil central vaccum - worth it?

135deepaJune 9, 2012

We have an option to do central vac system to our new build. The brand offered thought builder is Dirt devil costs 3800$. Is the dirt devil brand reliable?

I also heard about hide a hose, but that is not an option through builder.

Just so I understand this correctly . . . Hide-a-Hose can be installed with any central vac system, and also can be installed after the fact, right? Can i also have a hide-a-hose just at certain inlets ?

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Sorry this isn't necessarily what you were asking, but I thought our experience might help you. If not, please disregard.

I don't know about anyone else, but we have used our central vacuum about twice in the last 11 years, both in the first year. For us, it wasn't worth the hassle of taking huge coils of unwieldy hose from port to port. Though a competent upright vacuum may weigh more, it's more manageable. But I don't know... maybe there's an easier way to central vac?


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It's easier to put in a new build than existing, so $3800 seems high for a central vac system. How big of a house are they installing this thing in? Googling your system a concern would be the filter. With a central vac they contain stuff and the excess small particles are actually ported to the outside. So is the filter there to protect the motor or because you don't have access to an outside wall? This will be just one more thing you will need to replace and/or clean.

There are a number of central vacs in our neighborhood and the only ones who complain seem to be the ones where it bags. They seem to lose their suction and get stopped up.

I have no affliation with Vacuflo but if I ever move that is the only system I would put in my home. Also it would be one of the first things I would have done. Nothing has ever stopped mine up. I have had to "go fetch" a few things.

I don't see the hose as a problem. Get one for each floor and one for the garage. They also make smaller and stretchy type hoses. I would also suggest an additional hose hookup closest to your garage door. If you vac cars you will be able to do it outside and not in the small confines of the actual garage.

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Go on Building a home forum and search hide-a hose. Most every one says hide-a-hose or no other type. You have to put in the correct type of piping behind the walls for the hose to suck back into the pipe. no 90 degree corners. I dont know about the dirt devil but some say the motor must be sized a bit larger to provide the suction for hide-a-hose. You also do not get an electric powered motor with HAH it has a air assist or something that some say works better for smooth floors and adequate for carpet.
We are doing HAH on first flr no carpet and will keep the dyson for upstairs bedrooms with carpet.
We are installing ourselves so kit runs about 1500$
Google Hide-a-Hose. People on the building forum are passionate about it.
I cleaned houses through college for people with regular CV and hated the hose but really like the concept of HAH

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