DD Decorated our Foyer

lynninnewmexicoOctober 7, 2010

I tell you, this girl has definitely inherited my passion for decorating! At 16 1/2 years old, she knows exactly what she likes and has such vision already. Soooo, she insisted that if I was doing the dining room (actually, she couched it as "being a grump and not sharing"), the foyer was hers to do all by herself. My sole contribution in this room consisted of holding the ladder she was perched on and telling her to "be careful with the scissors up there!"

Our foyer has a boveda (arched) ceiling made with antique bricks. Emily added cobwebbing to the light fixture in there. She made me a nervous wreck watching her perched at the top of a ladder for so long, but I think she did a great job making it look both scary and realistic. Note her added spiders.

She thumb-tacked my Halloween quilt to the inside of our front door :~O

On the hutch, she added more cobwebs than are usually on there ;^D along with our collection of Halloween books:

Of course, my cousin Kathy's book, "Boo Bunny!" has the place of honor. I made the scarecrow piece many years ago.

Two more of our favorite Halloween books:

And on one of the the window ledges:

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HOLY COW! That girl is something else! Her doing that hanging light just boggled my mind. What a PERFECT touch! (tho having a kid on a ladder with scissors is guaranteed to give Mom a grey hair or two). All her decorating is terrific. You are so lucky to have a daughter who shares your passion for this. (especially a teenager!!)

Your antique brick arched ceiling is fantastic. I LOVE it!!
And I have to add, when you showed the little Boo Bunny book last year, I just had to order one. So you will get to see it in my decor. Its the only Halloween book I have, so it gets a place of honor. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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WOW! Your DD did a great job! Oh, that brick curved ceiling is gorgeous & certainly looks quite scary with the webbed light! Oh my, I'm glad that was you holding the ladder, lynn! The hutch & all your kids' books make a wonderful display! Hugs to DD & she certainly inherited the genes! TFS! Jeanne S.

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GREAT JOB!!!!! I see another holiday decorator in the making - watch out stores when this dynamic duo goes out shopping. Really like the collection of books and how they are displayed and your quilt is perfect TFS ....


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Karen, I'll look forward to seeing Kathy's book in your decorating. If you don't mind, I'd like to send her a picture of it along with mine. I know she'd get a big kick out of seeing her book featured in people's Halloween decorating. Did I tell you that this was something like her 18th children's book that she's had published? My very favorite of hers is "Laura Charlotte".

Jeanne: I'll be sure to pass on all of your compliments to Emily when she gets home from school this afternoon. She'll be thrilled by them.

Lynne: thank you! I do wish that she'd stop thumb-tacking stuff to our doors, but I have to admit that with the skylight bringing in more light there, the quilt looks very nice on the door.

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Ditto, ditto, ditto on what everyones said.

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Girls.I have never decorated for Halloween, except to make Jack-O-Lanterns for the kids GKs, because by the end of Nov, I am usurally busy in the Christmas wreaths; but I have to say that You all have gotten me inspried to try. I may not do it this yr, because I have never bought Halloween decs, but I bet I have some before next halloween. I can't believe what discoverring this forum has done to me! All the decs that I have seen are spectular or is that spooktular? Janet

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I meant to say the end of October. I don't know what I was thinking, I usurally do wreaths from the last week in Oct. until about the 2nd week in Dec. Janet

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Ahh, don't ya love it. What a kid! What's best is that it's very well thought out. She didn't just "put things out." They're well balanced and items can be seen easily. Love the fabric print. It goes so well with the Halloween children's books.

Tell your daughter that I've never put cobwebs on my front porch light, but I AM NOW.

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Wow, wow, wow, she sure inherited Mom's decorating genes!!
How fun that the 2 of you do this together.

It is all just "Bootiful."

Kudos to you both, and the spider webs look very realistic!!

I have to add that my youngest daughter came over to drop off DGS for a short babysitting "spell" LOL, and when she saw the witches table , she wanted one also, so while Grandma was babysitting, she went to the TS for her own potion jars and crystal ball. I went over to her house the other evening, and we created her table, but I forgot to take my camera. : (

How lucky we both are to have daughters who enjoy decorating with us!!


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First off, I want to tell Janet that this forum has a way of making you want "things" and to "do things" that you may have never been interested in or liked before coming here! LOL

Lynn, your daughter did a great job on the decorating. Did you make that darling quilt? It's great and a wonderful decoration. I like the cobwebs on the books and all, and the cute little painted characters are so fun. Bet DD had fun picking out just which items she was going to use. So neat that the two of you have had fun doing shopping and decorating together.


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Lynn, I love how your daughter used so many books and her soft touch with the spiderwebs makes it look so realistic. She did a fantastic job on the foyer.

Look out, soon she'll take over all YOUR decorating & leave you out in the cold!!!

Janet1, besides being enablers, we also encourage you to shop the after-holiday sales if you really want to start your collection.

Also, garage sales, if you're into that.

My GD & I went to one after school in the next town (which is only 8 mins from my house). They were having a pre-view sale from 3:30 til dark tonite.

They had two tables full of Halloween, a sun-room full of xmas & Valentines, so GD cleaned up there. She kept saying "oh that's soooo cute, can I get it" and of course I said YES. She has more to add to her decor now.

She also scarfed up 3 new pair of Halloween socks, a gorgeous orange & decorated Halloween sweatshirt for $2 and some new Halloween earrings. One is a black jelly bean & the other is orange. Too cute!

I got a few things earlier today, you'll have to wait for my table to see them!!! I really need to get on it soon, or Halloween will be over. I'm hoping this weekend!!!

Again, Lynn, your daughter did a really great foyer!

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Lynn, I'd be thrilled if you sent Kathy a photo of my Boo Bunny book when I display it. I didn't know she'd written so many books. How wonderful.

Janet1...I can totally relate. I'm sure a lot of us do.

Yacht, wish I'd been with you. Sounds like a lot of neat goodies to be had.

hugs, Karen

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Sorry I'm so late for this Party!!
Lynn...'The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree'!
I remember your daughter's decos last year, and this year,
she's really out done herself!
Great job and I agree, everything was so well thought out from the outside Cobwebs (scary thought-kid on ladder-w/scissors)...which came out excellent, to the Book Display w/decos and the cute display on the window ledge.
Look out, this looks like a career in the making...she's that good!


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Lynn, please tell Emily that once again she has done a fantastic job decorating. It's great that she's taking after her DM who's so talented in many ways. Wish I had more time. The others have covered this very well and I agree with what's already been said.


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DD did a terrific job of decorating the foyer! Cow webs look like they were put there by some spiders! Love all the old books on Halloween. it's my favorite holiday as both my kids were born then son on 30th, DD on Halloween 2 yrs apart! So I've always had lots of parties & did lot of decorating. Glad your DD is having so much fun with it all! Jan

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