Garage Carriage Lights 4 Halloween

christmascandyOctober 10, 2010

I have dressed my carriage lights on my garage for several years using trick or treat pumpkins. I split them down the back and cut out the bottom and then just slide them over my carriage lights.

I decided they needed more punch, so this year I added the witch hats. They look really cool at night when the lights are turned on!!

I filled the point with plastic shopping bags, put it over the top of the pumpkin, and poked 2 holes and used wire to hold it in place. I threaded the wire through a small hole I poked in one side, went down and around the finial of the bottom of the light and then back up through another hole on the other side.

A broader view. There is a 3rd one on the extra garage door, but this gives you the idea.



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I LOVE those! I'm going out to see if that will work on our garage carriage lights. Where did you get those great witch hats?

- Magpie

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Very cool. The neighbor down the street uses pumpkins on his two garage lights, but your witch hats really turn this into a super idea. Thank you VERY MUCH for the step-by-step instructions.

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Magpie, I bought the hats at ARC yesterday!

OA, Hopefully this will not only keep the hats on in the wind, but otherwise they are so close to the wall that they just looked like a black circle. By using the wire it should keep them in place, and depending on where you poke the holes, it varies the dip in the brim of the hat.

Glad you liked them,

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Candy, that looks so neat with the witch hats on your pumkins. Do they still let the light show through or are they just more of a glow? You are a fun one.


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Candy, you are something else! What a GREAT idea!
Adding those witch hats was the perfect touch!
You rock, Woman!!

hugs, Karen

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Your "Halloween-ers" must love you, candy! That is a very cool idea ...& not scary, either! Good idea "stuffing" the witch hats! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Your Jack's look great Candy! I like the hats you added to them.

Great Minds...I used the same idea for years by the front door of my old house.
We had two carriage lanterns on either side of the door, and I would cover each with a very large Jack o Lantern. The tops were large enough to insert the lantern into, and I used a black wire 'handle' to hold them up and in place.
When I turned the lights on at night, you'd see the large Jack O lantern faces lit up.
I do like how you added the hats to yours for that extra
touch...very clever.


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Great idea, and just a perfect way to decorate those lights. I have one of the plastic candy pail jack o lanterns, I'll have to see if it would work on my garage and then go find another one if it will! I have one of those big witch hats too--but I was going to wear it when I hand out the candy this year! Remember, copycating is the most sincere form of flattery! LOL

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Well, you've done it again, that is so creative and just plain cute. Not to mention kids will love it. I have a post light with 3 lanterns, maybe I'll give this a try. At least with the pumpkins.

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They dim the light somewhat, but still give off light. The faces on the pumpkins show up, and they are very festive.

I also have a couple of different costumes, and I wear one when I hand out the candy. The trick or treaters appreciate it and I will hear them tell others coming up the street "hey, Cruella is handing out candy at that house!"

Glad you liked them, and feel free to copy/flatter me LOL.


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