Brass door hardware everywhere, polished nickel in master bath?

threeapplesMay 1, 2012

is this a bad idea if the style is the same throughout, just mixing finish/color by departing from brass in just one room? i'm wondering whether the brass door hardware in master bath would look strange if faucets in there are all nickel? thanks!

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yes it would look strange in my opinion

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I think you can go either way with it. Most of the hardware in our home is antique brass, but in the baths I used chrome. My door knobs have a crystal knob, so I didn't bother with switching the backplate in the baths, but I did consider it.

Many companies, such as Emtek, will make the knobs for you with brass on the bedroom or hall side and nickel or chrome on the bath side. If my knob had been a metal finish, this is the route I would have gone with!

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Things can work together without matching exactly. The brass knob and nickel fixtures will look fine together. Nickel is a warmer finish than chrome, although I'd have no problem with that either. I personally like when the door hardware is consistent throughout, but I think it is fine if the fixtures vary by the room. Flip through some shelter magazines and you'll notice different finishes can work well together.

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Using nickel in bathrooms has been very common for a long time.

No matter what the other side of the bathroom door is, nickel IN the bathroom has been very common.

You used to be able to even purchase bathroom privacy sets with nickel on one side and another finish on the other (might even still be available).

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Have you considered Oil Rubbed Bronze. To me it would work better with brass then polished nickel. However probable depends more on the other surfaces in the room to make it work together.

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I think it looks better to switch (we did) if there is a logical place to do it. For us, the door knob into our bedrooms is unlaquered brass. We have a cased opening to the (short) hallway between the master bedroom and master bath. There are closets with mirrored french doors on either side of the hallway and a pocket door into the bath. The french doors, the pocket door, and the toilet closet door all are polished nickel and I LOVE them.

On the other hand, I did chrome faucets in all other baths and they have brass knobs going in and they don't look bad at all.

If you are doing unlacquered brass they will age fairly quickly (ours are already turning) and will be that soft bronzy brass in no time I bet.

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That being said, you cannot see the door to our bedroom and the door to the closets at the same time unless you are standing in the far corner of the room. If they were right next to each other, I wouldn't do it (but I might do brass on one side and polished nickel on the bath side - except I guess then when you open the door to the bathroom the brass shows anyway).

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I have met many customers who think nothing of mixing the different finishes, but then also many who would never dream off it. I think it depends on the style of the decor and your own gut feelings on it. If the d�cor is eclectic, then it would work fine I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: cupboard knobs

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I would not think twice about using polished nickel in the bathroom and I would leave the door hardware as is.

I look the look of mixed metals throughout the house, but for some reason I want the door hardware to be all the same...go figure.

I like the unlaquered brass but do you want it throughout your house? I think it may look nice to mix it up a little. Maybe add some other metals to your beautiful door hardware.

Can't we just have a sneak peek at your house? It sounds wonderful.

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