Christmas Chit Chat

OakleyOctober 5, 2010

Let's skip Fall and go directly to Christmas!

Anyone besides me doing Christmas shopping yet? I'm over half done! I only have men left, and they're always hard to shop for.

I got my Ornament Tree and also bought "candy cane" colored ornaments. Smallish red and white polka dot finials trimmed in silver, large twisted red and white striped finials trimmed in silver, and then solid glittery silver finials. So I'll have a "Pepperment Tree" for my buffet table!

Online I found these HUGE pinecones, so I bought ten of them. I'm spray painting some silver, white and gold.

I've also made bags of potpourri for the girls in the family.

Am I the only Christmas nut here? :) See, I don't like Fall colors inside the house so that's why I don't decorate for Fall. I know, crazy. lol

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Lucky you! Wish I could say I've bought one gift but that's not the case this year. Maybe if you get done and still want to shop you can come up and do some for me.haha

Sounds like a Beautiful Christmas in the making. Your ornaments sound so pretty. I've painted some smaller pine cones. I love the large pinecones. Hope you share pictures of your decorating with us.

Girls are going to love getting potpourri. What did you use in it? I love Christmas but we are moving one of our offices to a new location and I have way to much to do to even think about Christmas yet. Sorry. I'm ready to see yours any time you feel like sharing.


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hey Oak, I can't wait to see the Peppermint Tree! I totally love seeing Christmas decorations any time.
But since joining this Forum a few years ago, I've become very enamored with Fall decor. Since I was never an 'orange fan', I use to not even think about Fall stuff.
I'd put out a little bit at Halloween...darn little. LOL.
And I'm trying to keep my Halloween decor buying in check as I have gone overboard with Fall and Thanksgiving. I've grown to love it nearly as much as Christmas! Maybe by the time you hit my age, you will too. LOL. I think the rusts and browns and golds are so pretty, and the only way I can see Fall colors in Phoenix is to create my own.

hugs, Karen

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Oakley, I think all of us love Christmas--but really no need to skip Fall just because you don't like traditional fall colors. If you've read some of the posts on here, you've seen pink decor as well as lots of black/white too. And this year the purple and green colors seem to be quite popular too. I don't have any, but I love the look of the white pumpkins incorporated into a home's regular decor. And remember, you can do wonders with a can of spray paint.

I love candy cane colors too, so will look forward to seeing your items. Be sure to share pics of your new goodies with us, we love seeing everyone's purchases.

And don't worry, Fall will pass quickly then we will all join in with lots of Christmas decorating.

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I'm just the opposite here... I love the warm colors of autumn and they blend nicely with my decor -- versus everything in "christmas" red and green that clashes. lol!

Zero xmas shopping done -- though I am just now thinking of a few items to try to find for a couple people... I think I started a list, but have no idea where that is. :O)

Can't wait to see your peppermint tree and buffet table!!! And I'm curious about the potpourris you made too! please tell...

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I have most of the gift giving covered. As an extended family we have cut way back on gifts and concentrate more on just enjoying seeing each other.

As for decorating - up north I use to hate fall because it brought on cold weather and a long winter which I couldn't tolerate. Now that I have been living here in NC for 10 years I have found it my favorite season and love decorating fall/harvest style. We have such mild winters I no longer dread the cooler days. Love the smells and the candle scents and the anticipation of the holidays. Fall decor goes up in September and comes down on black Friday and Christmas replaces it. I do however shop and look for Christmas decor all year round and plan how to decorate. Love the holidays - I have just extended them :).....


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I love each and every season and "being in the moment" with each of them. I've just spent part of the last few of days decorating for Halloween, much of it with my sweet 16 y/o DD and have enjoyed it so much. It's hard, though, to wrap my brain around anything farther on down the pike yet.

As for Christmas, I haven't bought a single gift (eeeek!)and need to start very soon. I'm envious of your diligence, Oakley. I wish that I had even 1/8 done!
I'm looking forward to seeing your new trees whenever you get them up. How soon are you planning that????? I don't put any Christmas decs up until the weekend after Thanksgiving myself.

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I have almost finished putting out my fall decorations. I do not have that much. I'm still looking for all things acorn online. You guys are a bad influence on me with all of your posts last year about acorns.

I'm an Christmas ornament collector. 400+ ornaments and 5 trees. I run to my local Xmas store to get the annual Old World Christmas ornament poster in May. I love to see what is new for the season on the home shopping channels with Christmas in July events. Even if I do not buy, I love to look. (That is why I love coming to this forum even if I can not figure out how to post pictures. I love to see all of your pics!! It is a great escape these days.) I love to look at Bronners website as they load all the new merchandise. I have not started much of the present shopping yet. Yesterday was the first time to get my Mom out of the house! Her knee replacement was easier than the hip replacements. One more to go next year!

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Me too half done.I go for dialysis,I need a kidney so I dont have alot of time.I bought a few decorating items,aso making some.My daughter is making big 12' candy canes for my fireplace,big walkin type fireplace,she painted antiqued them cute,Im making sponge bob ornaments using sponges for grandkids,here we're addicted to spongebob.
Best thing I ever did was bought a 10' lighted tree last year love it is full of tiny lights.Separates into 3 sections.
My daughter and i have a craft room,we make like 6 different ornaments and enough for 2 daughternlaws,and our tree.Anyone that visits over chhristmas can pick an ornament.Family trees are all our ornaments,Weve been doing this about 15 years now.

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oakley. wish I had your drive to get things done. Guess I am the worlds worst procastinador. I haven't bought the first thing yet. bulldinkle, would love to see pics of your ornaments. I have tried to tell my bunch for years that instead of doing a lot of shopping, we should just do an ornament exchange, but since they are not Christmas decorating fanatics like me, I haven't had any success with that. But show us pics of the ornaments that you make, you just might get us all hooked on making ornaments. Janet

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Oh no, I don't make ornaments. They're all store bought, mostly on sale.

I start early because I don't "do" Halloween and Thanksgiving, except eat the big dinner. :)

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NHardy, we just did a post with detailed instructions on how to post pictures. Please read through it. I think that if you just follow it step by step, you will be able to post pictures in no time. Believe me, when I first tried, I thought it all sounded like a foreign language, but when I just TRIED it step by step, it was easy! We'd love to see pictures of things you buy/make and decorate with. I'm glad to have another ACORN ADDICT in the group--this forum can cause new "obsessions" for sure! ;o) I'm glad your Mom is recuperating well, sort of keeps you both confined allot I imagine--thank goodness for computers and shopping networks, huh? Best wishes to you both.

Bulldinkie, I'm so sorry to hear you have kidney problems. I know the dialysis can make you so tired, and I do hope coming here helps you relax and refresh on those days. Twelve foot candy canes really caught my attention--your fireplace must be HUGE--I wanna see!

Partymusic, I can so relate to your list making--then trying to find them! I do the same thing with phone numbers I jot down too--why I haven't learned to just imediately put them in my phone book is beyound me!

Lynne, I'm glad you are able to enjoy the seasons more now that you are in a milder climate. I think the fact that I don't see big changes in the seasons here in Ca. is why I enjoy decorating for the seasons so much--so I can really enjoy the passage of the months.

Lynn, I love the way you said "being in the moment". You are so right, if I don't decorate or make things for the seasons/holidays, then they just slip by like any other day! I WANT to enjoy each one even if it takes a bit of extra work.


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