Finished - Update of small master bath

Kathy RiveraJune 12, 2012

Here are some pictures from our recent master bath update. Sadly, it is not a massive beautiful space, but it sure looks better than before! Also, sadly, b/c of some water leaks that rotted half the shower studs and being in the NYC area, our little 'refresh' wasn't so cheap. There are a few things I would have loved - a built in linen cabinet and fully frameless shower doors, but those were just expenses I couldn't justify. However, my Rain Forest Green countertop is so pretty, I just stare at that instead! :)



Thanks to GWers for the tip on Home Goods for large mirrors. I found this one that was an exact fit and a darn good match for $60!!

The tile guy tried to talk me out of a niche b/c water gets in there, etc etc. Luckily, it's below the spray line and doesn't get much water in it. I also LOVE the accent tiles so I'm so glad I got to use even more of them.

The old bath had some built in shelves here from top to bottom. While it was a ton of space, it was also wasted and it was too deep to get to the back. It also always looked like a cluttered mess. This is where I wanted to put a built in linen tower, but budget just didn't allow. I should have planned a bit better and we could have framed it differently to do some built in niches or something, but oh well. It's still so much better than before. So I found this little tower at Lowes and it fits everything we need in easy reach. We put a basket on top for things my DH grabs quickly while getting ready, and added a couple floating shelves. I need to get some art and a little orchid or something for the top one. Also might frost the glass at some point so you don't see all our medicine!

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What a beautiful transformation! I love your exotic granite on the dark vanity with ORB... Great choices!

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So pretty! I love the countertop, you're right, it steals the show. But I really love the niche, too. When you look at it, there is some optical illusion thing going on that makes it look like a piece of art created behind a grid...almost 3 dimensional. Very cool!

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Ooh, I like your choices! Can you share what they are? (accent tiles too!)?

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I like it! You're right, that granite is beautiful. I like the horizontal mirror - wouldn't of thought of that. Thanks for sharing!

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Kathy Rivera

Thanks, kirkhall. There's a lot of HD & Lowes in there!

Tile - floor, shower: Augustus Ivory from Lowes
Accent tile: Iridescent glass mosaic from HD (this was $4.99/sq ft at HD - it was 19.99/sq ft at my local tile shop!!)
Vanity: St. Paul's via HD online. Wouldn't recommend as the first came with a bad finish. Then tried to get the matching linen tower and it came with the drawer put on backwards! Twice!!!
Linen Tower - from Lowes
Vanity top - Rain Forest Green marble
Fixtures - Moen - Brantford collection in ORB
Sink: Kohler Archer

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Kathy Rivera

regmoses - The bath originally had a horizontal mirror that wasn't framed out. DH didn't care about much, but he wanted a big mirror back in there as it makes up (a little) for only having one sink. A local mirror place wanted $300 just to reinstall the old one and then I'd still need to have the GC frame it out. Luckily Home Goods pulled through for $60!!

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Beautiful! I could stare all day at the Rainforest Green countertop as well!! Very nice transformation. It looks alot more peaceful and relaxing--and even bigger. Enjoy!

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Very nice! I love your accent tile.

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It looks absolutely great!!!!

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What a pretty bath!! I love the way the mirror runs across, and I have always adored that rainforest marble!


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Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Great job!

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Did you change the toilet, too? The skirt seems to have a smaller profile, but that could be an illusion because of the larger floor tile and the reduction in the size of the heat register.
I like the way put everything together.

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Kathy Rivera

Jamies - oh yes, we did get a new toilet! The Toto Ultramax. Which my DH has managed to clog once (shh, he'll kill me if he knows I'm posting that in public!!). But only the one far...And unfortunately, the Toto's don't respond well to basic plungers b/c of their shape or something. I've found recs for ball shaped plungers that apparently work better so I need to get one of those!

Oh, and for anyone interested, my paint color is Behr Roasted Garlic and it is a great shade of green/beige. It's constantly changing color based on the lighting and I like all the various shades!

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A lovely, lovely job! Great choices in all areas. What a transformation. . .serene, peaceful, clean lines. Congratulations and enjoy in good health!

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