Happy Halloween

nana2010_gwOctober 31, 2012

As you know it has not been good Flying Weather here in the NE.

Since the 13 Witches have not been able to get out and cause mischief THEY Decided to set their own Halloween table.

You cannot imagine the mayhem that followed!!!! From 2012-10-27 (by Eye-Fi)

Here they are admiring their handiwork (more than once. It seems they cast a spell so that none of the images can be removed) YIKES From 2012-10-27 (by Eye-Fi)

They are very proud of what they accomplished and wanted to show lots of pictures...so please have patience. From 2012-10-27 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-10-27 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

I don't want to know what is in those bottles!!! From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

The witches used their own faux stone chargers. They insist that someone on Pinterest stole their idea (Yeah Right!!) From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

This is the table as evening falls From 2012-10-31 (by Eye-Fi)

The ladies are staying on to guard their masterpiece.

It seems the most wicked witch of them all has been spotted in the area. OHOH!!

This most wonderful table of all time was presented by:

Annabelle, Agatha, Beetrix, Bulah, Gertrude, Hermine, Hildy, Hortense, Lola, Maude, Nellie, Vivian, And Zelda.

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Most frightful...:-)

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That is one VERY spooky table! I might have to 'eat and run' if I was there!!

As I said in the other post, you have such a wonderful collection...err, coven...of witches. They are just great together, and quite frightening as a group.
Don't turn your back on them!

hugs, Karen

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...a 'Quadruple Spell!' Holely Moley! ...& with 13 being such an unlucky #, I am sure these manipulative witches' spell may last a lifetime, nana! Beware!!!!

Your table spooks me out so bad I can hardly comment...ewwwwww...but very Halloweeny & the witches should take pride in their ghostly celebration! Those stone chargers ...YIKES! & I don't want to know what's in the bottles either!!! Great linens (do you call spiderwebs linens?) ... & those gummy worms coming out of the pumpkin eyes ...SLIMEY! LOL! TFS, nana...a winner...good luck & I hope you find some magic to get those witches back on their brooms to fly away! Jeanne s.

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Wow! Nana, where did you find such scary Halloween plates? And the worms, what a touch! Made me laugh when I saw them. Love your web cloth and all the spiders, the black shoes and the bottles of unknown substances. But the crystal ball or globe is really great. How does it light up? Great touches with the spider webbing and lights in the glasses too. I just love this table, but don't think I'd want to eat there--no offense intended! LOL

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The 13 witches are wonderful.
Your table is quite creative, but I'm glad it is at your home. I am not a fan of the creepy side of Halloween. I'm more of the cute witches, Jack O'Lanterns, and fun side of the holiday.
So...great job, but too scary for me, LOL

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Nana, I love all of this! The witches all gathered are looking good. Your table is just wonderful. Don't know where you found those dishes but they are perfect for your Halloween ts.

Your so creative side really came out on this table. Good Job even tho you scared a few on here!LOL I'll bet all the teenagers who seen this loved it. I spent the night with DGD and friends and we had so much fun.


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Thank you everyone...the witches thank you too.
Karen, after seeing some of the things that went on that table I would definitely not eat there.
I never turn my back on those ladies!!
Jeanne, things have quieted down. I think the 13 witches are spent after all the excitement of their Holiday, and having their table featured on holidays.
Not to mention keeping Griselda away from their masterpiece.
Luvs the plates came from the grocery store, and the gazing ball was lit with a battery operated tea light.
Candy, I'm sorry the table spooked you out, but the witches aren't LOL
Punk, I'm glad you liked the table. My DGSs 13 and 15 usually don't comment on my tables but they did get a kick out of this one.

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How creative!! Thanks for sharing.

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I've always loved seeing your "ladies" when they visit the Forum each Halloween.
You've got one eerie tablescape going there! I think the charges set it over the top.

You know, as I was reading the comments about being a Spooky Halloween Lover or a Cute Halloween Lover, it seemed to me that the witches would be worked in either way. They're spooky-cute, don't you think? I tend to lean toward the cute, but I'd love to have your collection. I'd set them up in some sort of a display, as if they were getting into double, double, toil and trouble!

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