I'm Halloweening . . . Buffet First!!!

lynninnewmexicoOctober 7, 2010

It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I seem to be very caught up with decorating for Halloween this year! Between you enablers here and my sweet 16 y/o DD, I've had my decs spread out all over the guest room for over a week now. I finally decided to put them out so that I have my work table in there cleared to paint and sew on.

This year I've decided to stick with decorating just the dining room, living room and foyer since we'll have to live with them until November 1st (LOL!).

First is my buffet area in the dining room. I haven't finished the table area yet, so I'll show you that later.

I didn't have anything else (yet) for a table runner, so I'm using an old, hand-embroidered tablecloth my mother gave to me. I'm not crazy about red & black together (in my house, not yours), but I thought this might work for Halloween, as it's already yellowed with age.

My Spanish Colonial art does NOT work well with Halloween, so, I've covered most of it for the month. Here, I've hung a sign from the DG ($1) over this painting.

I've also cobwebbed up the area ;^D

Poor Nevermore got the boot from his cage when his bodybuilder brother, Ah-nowld, arrived on the scene. I gave him a glitter bath before caging him, which really put him in the holiday mood.

I also gave him red eyes. They're supposed to glow in the dark, but don't as yet. What a profile, though!

I decorated the candle with window clings from DG ($1 for a big sheet of them) and a little spray adhesive.

And, finally, what's Halloween without a scary story or two . . . and who better than Edgar Alan Poe? This is one from my collection of antique books:

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I'd cage big ol' "Ah-nowld" too. That's one wicked looking bird. LOL. Neat how you glittered him and did his eyes in glow red. 'Nevermore' is probably hiding from him, you know how brothers can pick on each other!

Love all the cobwebs, and the way you disguised your normal art work is perfect. Way to go!!

Yes, the Enablers here drag us into buying and decorating in ways we never have before. LOL I am going to do some cobwebs this year for the first time, have been really liking that look. I'm only doing a real small area for Halloween tho. My family-room mantel, the built-in shelves to left of it, and the small round table under them. Otherwise, just leaving up my Fall decor. And I am going to confine my Halloween decor pretty much to witch stuff. They are my favorites, and frankly, I just don't need to go overboard buying MORE holiday items to try and store. I've gone so nuts over Fall as it is, and Christmas of course, that somewhere in my life I need a little self-control. LOL.

Your buffet is wonderful and has me inspired to get out my stuff this weekend.
hugs, karen

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lynn...that is quite a SCARY vignette! Ewwwwwwwwwww! Those cobwebs......ewwwwwwwwwww (I have enough of the real ones, thank U very much! LOL!) I can see why DD would love the influence she is having on your decor for Halloween! What fun!!!

Ok, my fav is the Poe story with the black rose ...how fitting! Great idea! And your beautiful metal bowl has certainly turned into Halloween decor with those lime green marbles in the bottom & silhoutte-ing that candle...good work! TFS your fun decor ...& covering your framed art with that color green sure ties in with your metal bowl display. Jeanne S.

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Thanks, Karen! If you have a Dollar General store nearby, their cobweb/spiderweb packages are just $1 each. One package goes a long way. All that I've show in my three threads here today was just half of one package. I know what you mean about exercising some control and not buying too much. I'm now waiting for Target to put their orange Halloween totes on sale, as I need another for just the new things I've gotten this year!
Jeanne: I hadn't even noticed that the sign and green marbles echoed each other; thanks for pointing that out to me! Glad you liked the book and rose; it was one of those last minute ideas.

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Oh, man! Each element is so cool. I like how you covered the original art work with the witch way sign. The ornate frame looks like it belongs in a haunted house vignette.

Great use of the antique book. Nice that you can include special items as well as new Dollar Store things.

Ah-nowld is one tough bird! Don't let me out.

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The first thing that caught my eye was your "muscle bound" bird in the cage. Love the name you gave him--so perfect! LOL The sign fit really well over your picture, I'm sure you saw the one like it that I bought in black/white. Don't you just love that we can find neat stuff at those dollar store prices? As I said before, you have opened up a whole new range of ideas for me with the way you used the window clings--and they always have them for nearly every holiday. Really fun and fantastic decorating, Lynn, I love it! Luvs

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Lynn, I don't think we have Dollar General here. I'll have to check. Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent store are the close ones to me.
I went to Dollar Tree today to get some webbing and ravens.
I couldn't find any ravens tho. I was so disappointed. I asked the manager if they'd sold out of them already and he said apparently. He looked thru the shelves, and way in the back of one was a little raven..the kind with wings out flying. He was missing a leg. I told the manager someone had already played a trick on the poor guy!
I brought him home anyway, we'll work out the missing leg.
Maybe one of my witches can help. LOL.

By the way MZ LYNN...while you are 'blaming' the Enablers here and your DD for your newfound Halloween decor explosion, I am going to have to blame YOU! Especially after your fireplace post and pictures. You got me hooked and reeled in with that one! I can hear my resolve to not buy a lot disolving and going down the drain!!

hugs (I think) Karen

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Oh I can see 'The Kid' has come out in you this Halloween Lynn...love all that you did.
Clever idea to cover your art with a Halloween Sign...it looks so good. I love 'Ah-Nowld'...lol he's a real character and looks perfect in that cage..all red eyed and glittered up! You chose the perfect Book (Poe is one of my Favorites) I read his entire collecton of Short Stories, at age 11! Love the Black Rose for a 'Special Touch'.
Cute idea using the window clings on the candle.
I can see why DD felt she had to claim her territory for decorating...She's got 'Momma'... to compete with !! lol
You did such a great job.


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Lynn, I'm late to the party and agree with what the others have already said. It's been a fun read. I always enjoy seeing your books with your decorating.


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