Do You Ever Have Decorating Dreams???

lynninnewmexicoOctober 4, 2010

The other night, for the second time in a week, I woke up multiple times throughout the night with vivid dreams of decorating for Halloween . . . seriously!

Of course, I'm not one for any gruesome decs (or clowns . . . I have a serious dislike of ANYTHING clown, too). All the decs in my dreams were nice, cute,friendly ones and I was happy and enjoying the planning in my dreams . . . but how weird is that?!?

Do you ever have dreams like that?????


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I can't say I ever have dreams about just decorating for the holidays, but I do dream of our former house pretty often and it's been 13 years since we moved. Pretty wierd.

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Gosh Lynn, that happens to me a LOT. I think mine may be more "daydreams" at night. I have such trouble going to sleep, that I often lay there thinking about stuff. So its natural for my mind to latch on holiday decorating this time of year. Then I doze off with it in head. Makes for nice dreams I think.

Funny, I feel the same as you about clowns!!
hugs, Karen

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I've always thought clowns were creepy too--but have decided it's because there are unknown men inside those outfits! Nowadays that's creepy--especially for kids parties!

No specific dreams about decorating, but lots of dreams about projects I want to work on. Probably from late night browsing of all those wonderful blogs and thinking "I could make that!" LOL


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Well, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who dreams about holiday decorating (LOL!)!
And, it's interesting how many people, especially women, dislike or flat out hate clowns. My sis, who's just 17 months younger than me ( I have 4 sisters altogether) loves them. We think that it's strange to feel so vastly different about them when we really had all the same experiences as kids. She inherited this big, expensive Murano glass clown from our grandparents (shudder!). Whenever I stay at her house back in Michigan, that thing goes into a far distant cabinet and out of my sight . . . I don't even want it in the same room as me!

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No dreams here either..
but if I see something that's inspiring... my mind can't rest..DH usually says he hears the 'Wood Burning'!
Karen, I'm up most nights too...I think we once said we could keep ea other company if we lived closer.

As far as clowns..don't like them either... I put up a poster of one in the Classroom - very colorful, and a mother asked me to take it down, because her daughter said it scared her...


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Lynn, I've never dreamed about decorating. I very seldom dream. After saying my prayers each night, I tend to think about what needs done at the office the next day. Or what I forgot to do!

I would of never guessed that so many dislike clowns. I've always enjoyed good jugglers at the circus. The rodeo clowns have always impressed me with their courage.

I made 30-50 clowns years ago that you could pose to sit, lay down, etc. They sold like crazy for $30. They were pretty ones with cute faces, hats and different colored hair. I have some I've painted and they are so cute that I just never gave them a negative thought. Geez, I learned something new here.LOL


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Rodeo Clowns are totally different to me. I love them, but then I love to watch Bull Riding and appreciate the 'job' those clowns actually do to keep the cowboys safe.

I didn't like clowns when I was little and went to the circus, just always thought they were kinda creepy and faces remind me of Jack O' Lanterns. Or vice versa. LOL.
Then all the scary movies with clowns were popular!

I'm one of those people who dream in color, its like I'm watching movie. Weird.

Yep Jane, we could definitely keep each other company at night. Wish we were neighbors.

hugs, Karen

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