I meant to tell you first thing this morning....

jaybirdOctober 12, 2010

I don't know where I lost my brain!!!

Dollar General has $5 lampshades in red and white toile and also a leopard print! They aren't real high end, but they serve a purpose AND they look pretty cool! If you couldn't guess, I bought one of each ;^) I added dark gold beaded fringe to the bottom of the leopard print and it looks really cute!

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Where's pictures huh??...
What good is the info w/o pictures...huh?
Are they chandy shades or larger?...
Ya see what I mean about pictures...!

Thanks for the 'head's up' though...love ya!

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OK, I'm really glad for you, but ditto everything that Jane just said/asked ;^D

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I don't think we have dollar generals, do we Jane?

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Sounds neat J. I too hope you can post pictures for us. We don't have any of these stores around here.BooHoo


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No Kathleen...no DG here.


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Dang...you guys ask too many questions :^)
They are smaller table lamp size...not chandy's not big table lamps...something like you might use on a desk....
The leopard one is just slightly flared and sort of plain, the red and white toile one is more bell shaped...flared more at the bottom... I have taken pictures, but I need to get to Walgreens to get them developed...I really have a lot of pictures of different things...be careful what you ask for!!
Hugs to you all :^)

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