Steam Shower Generator Advice

panchoandleftyJune 9, 2012

I could use some advice!

As part of gut-remodel we are converting our 4' x 5' shower to a steam shower. According to the Amerec sizing calculator, we should look for a generator w a 153 cu/ft capacity (volume + 20% for ceramic/ porcelain tile).

Placement of generator is a non-issue. There is a closet w plenty of space next to shower.

Our contractor has only installed Amerec units. They may be fantastic, I have no idea. I'd like to have a better understanding of my options rather than simply accepting his recommendation without any context of what is on the market.

We do have a 20 yr old Amerec Sauna we like.

I like the "warm start" function on the Amerec unit that allows steam to generate quickly. On the Amerec website, I see various "phases" listed, but I'm not sure of differences.

We will use steam frequently.

Can anyone offer opinions on different generators? Accessories like aroma injectors? Do some have easier maintenance? We like low maintenance.

I see a lot of people use Mr Steam. Is there a big difference between manufactures, or as long as the right size is selected, does brand matter?

Thank you so much!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I can't help much as we installed steam without ever having used one. We went with mr steam, but I don't recall doing a lot of research on it...we went with it as it seemed to be popular and was recommended by plumbing supply store, and we didn't look into any options like aroma.

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