Can,t connect to wireless

iggieJanuary 29, 2014

I have an HP laptop using windows Vista the home version whenever I try to use wireless connection to my Netgear router I cannot connect. Know the router is ok because wife,s laptop connects with no problem. When I try get a message saying the wireless setup wizard cannot locate a network. When I use the trouble shooting feature provided, get the message saying windows cannot fix problem and that the wireless windows capability is not active on this computer. I have tried system restore no help. reinstalled the program using a start up disc still get the same thing. Also the wireless on indicator lights. Can anyone help me? Any help or info will be greatly appreciated. Iggie

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Do you have other active wireless networks nearby? If yes, one or more may be strong enough to interfere with yours especially if you are on the same channel. Which channel are you using? Don't know? Then you are probably on the default (6). You should power-cycle the router and experiment with another channel and see if the situation improves.

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PKponder TX

Did the wireless switch get turned off accidentally? That's the easiest fix.
I had to Google for the information on starting wireless in Vista since I have very little hands on with Vista. You need to start wireless service.
Open Control Panel, change view to icons.
Open Administrative Tools and double click on services.
Find the one labelled Wired AutoConfig and double click it. If properties show as anything other than automatic, change to automatic. Stop and start the service using the buttons on that dialog box. Click OK.
Repeat these steps with WLAN AutoConfig.
Close the windows and attempt to connect to the network again.

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