Miele Combi steam oven owners' thread

noopdJune 12, 2013

Hey, I just got mine installed and I'm pretty excited about it. My initial impression is great. I'm hoping to exchange some of my experience, tips and recipes here with other combi oven owners (miele or other brands). So feel free to chime in anytime.

Initial impression:
Build quality:Pretty solid. One may worry about the motorized panel but everything feels pretty solid to me.

Steam: works great. doesn't take too long for preheat (about 3 mins) to 100C.

Convection: haven't tried it too much yet but looks great and there are plenty of options. Bake, Several convection mode, and several broiler mode. There is also a special "cake" mode

Combi: setting can customized different moisture level (ie 60%) this is something gaganeau can do also. Can also program in many steps, like convection at 300F for 10mins with 60% moisture, steam for 10 mins, and broil for 10 mins.. etc.. you get the idea.

Menu setting: the menu is pretty extensive like i said, there are many different "mode" for steaming and baking.

Reheat: default reheat is set at 60% moisture with convection oven set at 265F. . pretty cool

Gourmet setting: there are several (about 5) "Gourmet" program with a recipe provided. There is Gourmet ribs, Gourmet chicken, Gourmet salmon.etc You just follow the recipe and punch the button and it does the rest. these are mainly roasting recipes with adding moisture.

Auto setting: this gets crazy cuz there are LOTS of auto setting for everything. You can scroll through a menu of vegetables, and it will list all vegetables, (asparagus, broccoli, carrots, onion.. etc), and all different kinds of meat and seafood and different kinds of fishes. it's kinda similar to the Masterchef programs in their regular oven, just a ton more choices, esp for veggies and seafood.

Cleanup: I was told by someone who had the "Steam" oven that it has a lot less water in the oven when done (after steaming). There is a drain on the bottom so most of the water will drain out. However, for some reason, the oven floor is flat right around the drain so there will still be some water there you want to wipe off. I don't know why they can't just slope the floor all the way to the drain. Each time after you use the oven, the oven run a rinse cycle (about 10 mins) to rinse the internal ducts so you don't have to worry about "flavored" juices staying in the oven.

Other functions: In the manual, it also different settings for proofing, defrosting, canning, making jam, decrystalisng honey, making yogurt, melting chocolate, even heating up a damp towel etc... i haven't tried those yet.

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I am researching getting a Combi-Steam and Single Convection 30" oven combo's and like the interior size of the Wolf and the Miele Combi Steam ovens the best Did you consider the Wolf Combi Steam. Why did you go with the Miele? I think they have some operational differences, but I am not sure. and I haven't seen problems with the two combi steams, although I think they have some operational differences. Have read about porcelain chipping problems with Wolf 30" convection and temperature problems with Miele 30" convection, so I'm in a real quandary.

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I would also be interested in the factors influencing the decision between the Wolf and the Miele. We are considering one of them right now.

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hey rjremodel and yesdave,

it's been a week and I still like the oven a lot.. So far I haven't have any problem with it. One thing i'm experimenting with cooking now is steaming at low temp to get even more gentle cook (slow cook). This is something i haven't considered before, but having an oven allow me to do so. which gives great results.

When I remodeled my kitchen two years ago, wolf didn't even have their steam oven yet. So I was always thinking of miele. But then I learned about the Wolf one when it came out last year.

Based on what I read, the wolf combi oven has many happy owners. I have seen it in shows and i'm impressed with it. Their size is similar and I think functionally they are very similar too. One main difference i read is that wolf combi lacks a broiler. That means if you want to brown something, you have to switch oven but the miele one can do it all. For example, I did a whole chicken last week by steam only @212F for 20mins, then steam only @190F for 20mins and finish by convection broiling @425 for 8 mins to crisp up the skin.. it came out very nice.

There are two main reasons i picked the miele. One is that I'm placing it right above my oven and warming drawer and it would be nice if they match. Second is that this is Wolf's first steam oven, while I think Miele has been in the steaming oven businessfor about 10 years? (not sure exact year).

I also did considered Gaggenau too, esp because having the plumb in option is so attractive.. however, the cost is just too high for me.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Miele oven. That is very helpful information.

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Has anyone installed a combi steam below the counter? I'm planning to get one, but don't have upper cabinets, so it would likely go beneath the counter. I'm a bit worried about steam rising into my face when I open it ...

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I was worried about this too but Miele said no problem so I'm putting one in under counter at the end of August.

Also, I emailed with a few gardenweb folks who did a Wolf combi steam oven (similar) under counter and they said they haven't had problems. They just treat it like a little regular range oven and wait for the first wave of heat/steam to clear the open door before taking food out.

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I was worried about this too but Miele said no problem so I'm putting one in under counter at the end of August.

Also, I emailed with a few gardenweb folks who did a Wolf combi steam oven (similar) under counter and they said they haven't had problems. They just treat it like a little regular range oven and wait for the first wave of heat/steam to clear the open door before taking food out.

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Thanks, disco (a phrase I've said many times before in different circumstances). Let us know how it works once you have it, please.

And Noopd, any updates? You've had it a little while now. Is it annoying that the oven isn't plumbed?

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I am not Noopd, but I have the VIking Combi Steam ( now discontinued ) It isn't plumbed, and I find it is no problem whatsoever. At most I use a sponge to empty a 1/8 to 1/4 cup of water when I use steam or reheat. If you use combi at high temps, there is no water left over. I think that the Gagg has a feature condensate, where it releases extra water to tamp down the steam when you go to open a door. Since I don't have that feature, there is often no water in the bottom of the oven, or only enough to mop up with one trip with a sponge, so a drain would be a waste to me.

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hey guys..
just realized I haven't post on this thread for awhile. so here are a few updates. I may or may not go over some of these points already in other posts.

So, I still love my oven, a lot.. it's really what i use every single day. I was never really a traditional oven person, I have a miele master chef 30" single. and I use that for rotisserie chicken, or brasing things in a dutch oven.

On weekdays, we usually do chinese/asian type food. So we do a lot of steaming. Steaming whole chicken is excellent, and I can finish it with a bit of broiling to crisp up the skin. Doing Chinese style steam egg is great too (savory) as well as egg custard dessert. we also do steam minced meat, steam chicken pieces with mushrooms, steam spare ribs, steam whole fish... traditional chinese home cooking. I also tried steaming rice a few times are it's really convenient

Steaming eggs (like hard boil egg) is also great, you just set the time and temerature and it comes out perfect everytime. Also, it's a lot easier to peel them compare to hard boil.

I have also done seafood, like lobster tails, salmon fillets... they all came out great.

reheating leftovers are also great.

I steamed vegetables a few times, which is hit or miss.. A few times (maybe i over done them), the vegies game out yellow and too soggy. Then I adjust and try to under cook a bit and they turn out great afterwords. (i.e. blanch kale in the oven then saute on stovetop)

Another thing i like to do is the trader joes chocolate croissant. They are really good. I put them in the oven the night before (as they require 9 hrs of proof). then set the timer at the Croissant setting and have a "start time" in the morning. I wake up with fresh croissant and the kitchen smells awesome.

One thing i'm constanly learning is steaming with temp below 212, which you can't do on a stove top. So I can steam stuff at 160, 180, or 200F to get an even more gentle cook, That's a lot of fun to play around.

Overall, it's pretty indispensable to me right now. I like the combi function so i can bake stuff. It's not plumbed so it's definitely not as convenient as you like as i need to dump water and add water pretty frequently. But my oven is right next to my kitchen sink so it's not that hard. It will definitely be a minus if you sink is far away. The gagganeau is the only one with plumbed fuction but that cost more than 2X of this oven.

sorry for the rambling, I'm at work and just typing out my thoughts..

feel free to ask me specifics question if you have one.

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Thanks for the responses! I'm planning to do lots of Chinese homestyle cooking too in ours. Have you steamed buns or dumplings? My real question is how many baozi I can fit in the oven at one time. It looks like maybe only two trays (with buns) can fit at a time, which is probably ok, but three would be better.

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Noopd: Can you also tell me about your Miele 30" Master Chef. I'm definitely leaning toward the Miele combo-steam and my husband thinks we also need a regular size oven. If we install the combo-steam above, getting the matching oven would probably look best. But how has the Miele 30" performed and have you had any service issues? Also what kind of cooktop do you have? I'm definitely in the market for a 36" induction and have thought about Miele, Thermador, and GE.

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Just ordered a Meile masterchef wall oven and 4084XL combi steam. It was down to a choice between the Wolf and Meile, decided to take advantage of free 10 yr.warranty on the Meile. At this point there are fewer postings on the Meile combi steam, but I'm sure they will become more frequent and I'm looking forward to hearing from folks as they gain experience. Ours won't be installed until January of '14 at the earliest, so by then there ought to be many experts on this forum.

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can someone tell me the interior size of the Miele Combi Steam oven vs the wolf combi steam oven? I'm leaning toward the Miele but I can't seem to find the interior size and that will be a big factor for me. THanks in advance.

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I had the masterchef for about 2 years now and it's been problem free so far. I like it a lot and I got it based on recommendation on this forum. I don't usually bake (pastry) so I have no feedback for that. but I use it mainly for braising, or prime ribs, or rotisseries and it performs as expected.
for cooktop, I have a 48" capital cullinarian with grill. I love it. I think induction is a good choice too for most cooking styles, but it's not great for "wok" cooking. I was only looking at gas option when I did my remodel.

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regarding the size of miele and wolf. I posted it before in another thread. the wolf is a little bit bigger, their dimensions are listed on the website.. when i have more time tonite i can post it again.

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I was at a Miele dealer this week. They showed me a new steam combi where the reservoirs are at the top. The interior dimensions are significantly bigger. I didn't get the new model number.

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Hi this is the DGC 6500XL. I have just purchased.

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In terms of model number..

USA: DGC 4084 XL or DGC 4086 XL (difference is door handle style)

there are a lot more choices in europe to choose from
the US model is comparable to DGC 5080XL. The XL stands for extra large because they moved the water reservoir to the top of the oven instead of on the side, so the interior dimension of the oven is wider and bigger.

Europe just release the 6xxx series this year, they probably won't come to US for awhile. The 6000 series has an updated LCD control panel that's also touch screen. Basically the interface is little more "modern".

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Yes correct I have purchased the 6000 series in oven steam combi and warming drawer, very impressed with them.

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Does anyone know what the Miele does that the Wolf doesn't and what the Wolf does that the Miele doesn't? THis is what I need to know to decide. Thank you.

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One factor is whether your wiring is 208V. The Miele will not run on 208V.

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Ordered my WHITE Miele steam combi oct 31/13 and just got it! Love it! Looking frwd to sharing on this thread. My brand new oven didn't work from the first time THOUGH Miele service, Derek, was out and it's all good. fault 11 which is drain related and they determined the sensor to the boiler tripped.
Very unusual. Other than that I've done the menu (3 items ready l at once) Brussel sprouts, basamiti rice and salmon! Salmon was the most outstanding salmon! We have the panel ready warming drawer and steam combi only. We put the steam drawer at counter height as we planned to use it and not just for warming but slow cooking! With only two of us in our home we have roughed in the stove so if we feel we need the Miele stove it's ready to go. Did u know in the major Centres they have a chef program where they come to ur home?! Having the come March 15! Max 6 people. Cost is about $100 a person which is a great value. Buy all the food AND teach u how to cook right in ur own home.

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could somebody tell me how big is the insideof xl combi-steam oven??
Thank You!!

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Anyone from Europe have any firsthand experience with V-Zug appliances, as it appears that Wolf is getting their steam convection oven from them. All the menu icons and the functions look to be the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: V-Zug steam oven

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Just got my Miele DGC 6800 xl combi-steam installed and i am in love!!!!
Waiting for few more paychecks to buy the 30 in big oven,but so far, the combi-steam is doing all the hard work.

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I would like to share my experience with the new 2014 combo steam/convection oven DGC6800 from Miele. It is a very expensive appliance ($6,000), so I would expect exceptional performance and outstanding customer service. But I understand that not all units can be perfect, and things can sometimes break. I received it in October. It had been working great until November. I made a delicious pork roast, a lot of pizza, German Christmas cake and fantastic bread. Since it stopped working, my experience with Miele has been a huge disappointment: something inside the unit broke in November (either the temperature sensors or the main board) and I kept getting error codes on the display. The service technician that came at the beginning of December was not able to determine the exact cause of these error messages, so he ordered parts from Germany, which arrived on December 29. On December 30, two technicians were supposed to come out and repair the oven, but in the morning I received a call that one technician is sick and cannot come. Now, the repair is tentatively rescheduled for January 6. I already had to cancel a Christmas dinner, because I was not able to use my oven to cook a meal. Now, I have to cancel a scheduled New Year's party for tomorrow, because I still don't have an oven that I can cook a meal in.

I am very disappointed in the Miele service, considering that I paid $6,000 (!) for this appliance. I would expect better and faster service for this money. Is there only one Miele technician in the entire city of Calgary? What about the second guy that was supposed to come out as well? Apple, for example, gives customers loaner units if the repair of an expensive item takes longer than a few days. Nespresso provides people with loaner coffee makers when a machine needs to be repaired. I understand that it is not easy to get a loaner steam oven, but just a plain apology for the inconvenience and an additional 8 months of free warranty is just not enough for the price that I paid.

Unfortunately, I am now forced to leave negative reviews on the internet.

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I'm trying to share my experience with my Miele 6800 XL on a blog. Please check it out at https://mystuffreviewed.wordpress.com. I'll try to post more details on ownership.

So far my experience has been mixed. Some things have exceeded my expectation and others have been a (not so nice) surprise.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Stuff Reviewed

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I would like to update my previous post about my Miele DGC6800: after 5 weeks and two attempts to fix it with various new parts and still getting weird error messages, Miele decided to take this unit back and give me a brand-new oven. My numerous emails to Miele and my reviews on the internet might have contributed to that decision as well. I appreciate this move, because I feel like a valued customer again. The cost to Miele is very minimal since they will fix this unit and sell it at a lower price to someone else.
So far, the new unit has worked as advertised and I have not gotten any error messages.

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I have the meile DGC4084XL, purchased the steam combi and the H4884BP oven they are my pride of my home! I am so disappointed that I did not get the meile induction cooktop! My husband put his foot down there! We got a Kitchenaid induction cooktop and let me say this! I should have amputated my husband's foot! That would take writing a book with all that went wrong with that poor excuse of a kitchen appliance!

Back to my meile! I have one that has a water reservoir and I have no problem with that! We have moved to the cottage so I was not sure about the age of pipes and thought what a nightmare that may be to correct something if I do gave a problem! We are in a Halifax/Dartmouth area and we do not have the luxury of having cooking classes to learn to use your stean combi to its fullest! I am not happy about that as I paid the same $ as the more populated areas that do get this opportunity! The meile cookbook is great if you are serving high end restaurant meals and using European ingredients! Soooo I am feeling my way around but know that ai love my appliances! My lack of courage is not their fault! I gave steamed my beets and they are amazing and because it is so easy and non messy we do have beets more often!!! Veggies are terrific, tea biscuits out of this world! Pizza! Still trying to master baking such as a cake! Used the towel steamer for my granddaughter! Still wanting to perfect the bread as people say it is amazing bi find the book that cones with it not much help. Anyone out there with a recipe and the proofing through to that baking with the fine light crunchy top, please do share!!! So glad to find some more walking on the moon first step combi steam owners!

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I had the Miele DGC 6660 XXL installed six weeks ago (along with the Miele microwave combi oven) - still coming to grips with it all. I've used it mostly used the steaming facilities which I love. Two things are really bugging me, though, and I wonder if anyone else is having the same issues. I've used the conventional oven twice - for roasts - and already the oven has almost concreted-on grime, is spotted and very brown throughout the interior. I've used the Miele DGC oven cleaner, used the Soak process about 100 times and religiously wiped out the interior. It looks horrible. Second thing is the condenser and water containers which DRIP each time they are removed from the oven. For such an expensive item, I would have liked this to be seamless. Anyone else???? The microwave combi is a dream.

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