Floorplan Critique Needed!

stephanie_and_timJune 7, 2011

We moved into our house 4 years ago and have been talking about a bathroom remodel ever since. We did step 1 last year by removing our water heater and replacing it with a tankless located elsewhere. This will allow us to expand our bathroom by taking over the water heater closet that was accessed from outside the house.

This is what we have now:

The problem we are having is that we want it all! Seperate toilet room, shower, tub, double vanity. This is the best floorplan we've come up with so far, but I just don't know.

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!

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Looks good, but for me, I'd rather have a single sink with more counter space, as I don't think that 60 inches really gives you enough room for two sinks and usable counters. And maybe you could do a pocket door to the WC rather than a standard hinged door. You should still be able to use the frosted glass door with the right hardware.

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnson Sliding Door Hardware

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collins design

I like it. Our master bathroom has a similar sized shower with an angled door and it's lovely. We added two opaque windows in the shower for natural light.

We also have a 60" double vanity and I don't mind the counter space because we have all drawers in the vanity. Most everything is neatly organized in the drawers. Only toothbrushes/paste and face cleaner sit out.

I like the idea of a pocket door on the WC.

Your shower door will probably open out, not in...

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Your vanity is kind of small, have you looked at sinks to see what type you would want? The thing about the vanity that bothers me is that there is also not much wall space and no other linen (clean or dirty) storage. Where will you put a dry towel to dry your hands - I'll let you know if you can put a towel rod on the wall with a pocket door, we may need to do that. Also do you hang wet towels to dry after a shower - I try to get everyone in my house to use a towel twice.

What is the closet like? can you move some of these functions into the closet?

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Thanks for the feedback! Husband & I have been going round and round on the floorplan.

staceyneil, thanks so much for the picture! Your bathroom looks beautiful! Do you have more pictures?

You all have struck on one of my concerns - vanity space with a double sink in just 60". We will have to go out and take a look.

We store linens clean/dirty in the closet, so that will be okay. The hand towel placement could be an issue, though. I think for the bath towels we can do a towel bar on the wall at the end of the tub. Of course, that doesn't help when you're getting out of the shower and need a towel! Perhaps there will be room for a hook for a towel when you're heading in the shower.

The reason for the glass door on the toilet room is that code may require 5ft length for toilet room if you have a locking door. We're trying to ascertain the specifics. I think I would prefer a pocket door as frosted glass wouldn't match a glass shower.

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collins design

Well, you can't have everything in a small bathroom where you're trying to fit a lot. In our bath, my hand towel is on the towel bar over the tub (to the right of the sink) and DH's is behind him on his towel bar. Not ideal, but worthwhile compromises IMHO.

stephanie, you can see more pics of my bathroom in the linked thread below the floorplan, and also earlier iterations in these:


This is the floorplan, EXCEPT that we did an angled shower door like yours:

Here is a link that might be useful: StaceyNeil's master bath reno

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Just for your info, code generally requires the toilet compartment to be a minimum of 30" by 60" with an out-swinging (or pocket) door.

The shower door needs to be out-swinging too.

They can be on saloon-type hinges that swing in and out. The consideration is that if someone were to become incapacitated in the bathroom compartment, their body could block access if the door was an in-swinging door. Same issue with the shower, plus for scald protection. With an out-swinging door you can simply get out of the shower, with an in-swing shower door you may have to stand in the hot water while opening the door.

Do you need to keep the toilet in that corner due to plumbing or can it be moved elsewhere?

Can you make an additional basic drawing showing the entire bedroom/bathroom/closet relationship?

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collins design

Can the closet be accessed from the bedroom, rather than through the bath? That would open up a lot more layout possibilities in the bath.

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I re-read my post, and I certainly didn't mean to sound critical of your bathroom! It reads critical to me, sorry.
The master bath we are finishing is bigger, but we are having the same issues about door swing and towel bars in a bigger space - I didn't really think about those things soon enough (I thought I had plenty of space, and we do, not just lots of wall space), don't make that mistake.

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For the vanity, how about one wide almost trenchlike sink with two faucets? You could choose one that would occupy less counterspace than two sinks, but still have the flexibility of two people using it at once. There was a thread here a while ago on that. I wished I had seen it sooner because it's something I would have considered for my daughters' bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: trough sink thread

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Thanks everyone! I didn't take anything as overly critical. We have to live with the bathroom for the next 20 years probably, so we need to think things though.

I'm working on getting a sketch of the whole space. We have considered having the closet open into the bedroom instead. I think we prefer not since we like the way the closet opens into the bathroom now and also then we'd have 2 doors in the wall from our bedroom, but that might be okay. We didn't come up with a good floorplan for that though, either.

One other option we've thought about is take a foot all the way across from our bedroom. That gives enough room for the toilet compartment and just makes everything less cramped. Our bedroom is quite large and we wouldn't miss it, I don't think. Just more expense to redo the whole wall.

We certainly realize that you can't have everything and it can't be perfect with a limited space. Just trying to get it as close as possible!

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Here's the picture of the whole space (basically):

Oh, and thanks for the idea of the trough sink! I'll look into that.

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