printer question

paleblueJanuary 8, 2014

hello again.. have ie,widows 7,HP d1660 printer.

can't find answer to the fact that it only copies first page.

any help would be appreciated,

thank you

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1. I presume you mean that it only prints the first page (not "copies")?
2. What are you trying to print (Word document, pdf, etc.)?

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really anything that might be useful. yes, I am talking about the first page only.

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Did the printer ever work properly?
Did you install it according to instructions from HP?

HP can be very specific in how the printer is installed, usually you insert the Cd and follow along without connecting the porinter until advised to do so.

Does your printer bring up a window similar to mine? If so note on the left side there are options to print all or specific pages.

Do you have a 'Properties' button to click and check various options?

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you press ctrl + p and there are setting copy options

Here is a link that might be useful: Monitorig magazynów - telewizja przemysÅowa

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Yikes, I would presume ttech to be span after looking at his "useful" link, but I am not going to click on it as it certainly does not look like it would a good thing!

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You think. :-)


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Hi all.......................decided to have an experienced
person come to my house and clear up any problems.
From what I have read on forums, the problems I am
encountering are endemic to this printer. Thanks so
much for you time and consideration.

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