Electrolux Rangetop Install

DenariusMay 18, 2013

I purchased an Electrolux Icon Pro rangetop for my new construction. The builder opted to install this himself vs having it done. I noticed that the flames are very high (much higher than my in-laws professionally installed Electrolux range). Also noticed that the "clicking" from the continuos reignition on our rangetop is only when the burnere is first ignited vs my in-laws which "clicks" anytime a flame is on the stove...which is correct? Lastly, I noticed that the builder did not even open the install packet and did not use the "regulater" valve that was included. I atttached a picture of what the under the counter view looks like. I am not experienced in dealing with gas lines and such...am I being overly concerned? Is it neccessary to use the regulator?

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Here is an additional pic that shows the same gas line connected to the gas supply.

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I am curious did you get other Electrolux products and if so can you tell us in a few months what you think of them?

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If your pressure in more than 5 inches of water (and it is likely in the 6.5 inch range), then the regulator should be installed. The regulated pressure for the rangetop is 4 inches.

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The ignitors should not click continuously - they should only click when you first turn the burner on or when the flame goes out for some reason. Sounds like your in-laws have a problem.

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The regulator MUST be installed.

Your builder should never be allowed to touch another thing in your house.

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