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yachter123October 19, 2011

Hi all, just trying to get back into the swing of "regular" life. We had an amazing time in Malibu for my grandsons' walk on the "Red Carpet" and premier of the movie he is starring in.

I have some pics, but hopefully, I will get back to tablescapes real soon! Did a modest Halloween one as g-daughter used most of my decor on her table.

First pic is the RED CARPET at the venue in Malibu

Me, my son, Rick Springfield & Dustin.

Grandson Dustin on Red Carpet with Rick

The movie cast with producers, Melanie on left end & Sylvia on right end.

Dustin & the LADIES

Dustin getting a ride in Rick's 1963, restored Corvette!

To stay ON TOPIC, here are some of the after-movie dessert tables.

Thanks for looking, it's been a real wild ride for my grandson & he so deserves this, he's been thru alot & is such a great kid!

You can read Dustin's review of his experience in Malibu here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Malibu review

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Wow, yachter! Congrats to your Dustin & all of you! What an experience! Loved the tour & the dessert tables, too! ;-) Good to hear from you. Jeanne S.

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Hi Yachter...How Exciting - Congrats to Everyone...especially Dustin!
I can just imagine the whirlwind you've been on - who gets to do this in 'everyday ordinary life' !! lol
The pictures were exciting to look at - You and your Son must be so proud of Dustin..I'll bet you're still pinching yourself saying 'is this really happening'!!
Good to see you here and look forward to hearing more and seeing you back again.


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Wow, what a gorgeous grandma! I don't blame you for being excited, it looks like a fabulous time was had by all.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing the dessert tables as well.

Glad you are back. When you get back down to earth, we are looking forward to some TS's, but mostly just glad to hear from you.


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Glad all of you had such a great and exciting time! What a thrill to be on the red carpet! Hey, I noticed the dessert tables used tiered plates too! Congrats to Dustin and to all of you who have supported him in persuing his music dreams. Luvs

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Thanks Jeanne, Jane & Candy. I went easy on all of you, we have over 700 pictures. We stayed the week in Calif. figured as long as we were there, might as well see the sights.

I thought it was an educational trip for my grandson too, to see the Pacific Ocean, the beaches, Hollywood, and OH the mountains. WE thought we had mountains in the midwest, but the ones in Malibu are beautiful and HUGE, but really tricky to drive on those mountain roads. Not something I'd want to do on a regular basis.

Calif. can also keep their "insane" freeways, it's a nitemare. I bet people who live there dread going anywhere as rush hour seems to be anytime you get on the freeway! I'll bet they train Indy drivers on the 405 freeway! LOL

I still love Florida, much slower pace, but it's nice to see other places too.

I had no idea what all went into making a film & then getting it to the theaters. They now have to submit it to film festivals & find a distributor who will want to show it in the theaters, plus get license rights for music etc.

A long process, so that is why it was a limited showing right now.

I feel like I just got home this summer & would have to leave again. I missed so many yard sales, didn't really get anything new for my tables this winter.

June was Nashville, August was Missouri and end of Sept thru Oct was Calif.

I think I could get used to being a world traveler!! LOL

Thanks again for the warm welcome back, I wasn't sure anyone would remember me. I need to find time to look at everyones Halloween & Fall decor here.

I was going to say, things should slow down now for us, but we met a fan at the premier who flew in from Norway & she is stopping by in a few weeks to stay overnite & visit with Dustin & us again on her way to the Rick Springfield Cruise.

Oh well, never a dull moment in our house! LOL
I will be back soon!!!!

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Thanks for sharing; how proud you must be!

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Yacht, that was such an incredible experience for all of you! So much excitement, you may be the rest of year coming back down to earth and 'normal'! LOL
Dustin has such a future ahead of him, know you're really proud of his talent.

I am glad you could spend a week in CA and enjoy all the sights, I'm sure it was a lot of fun. I use to go to CA dog shows and those freeways definitely fit the nightmare category to me. LOL. Totally agree with you on them!

That is also cool you met someone from Norway and she will visit you overnight. A new friend in the making sounds like! Now if you could just visit her in Norway!!

Its great to hear you sound so happy again. I know how rough things have been for you and the family, this trip was well-earned and well-deserved!

Now, I am going to look forward to some holiday decorating from you when you come down from the clouds! ;o)

hugs, Karen

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How wonderful, Yachter. I will look for the movie. They do a lot of those film festivals here in Southampton. You never know!

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