Ikea Microwave Under Counter?

GreenDog194May 1, 2013

Can I put an Ikea microwave under the counter? Apparently these are Whirlpool equipment, and they are speed ovens -- they bake and keep things warm without the microwave going. Seems like a great second small oven!

Only place I have is under the counter.

I decided I could not deal with a drawer microwave (ever try to clean one of those??). Alternative might be a 24" wall oven that can mount below the counter, or the kitchen aid microwave that has a pull down door, like an oven (most microwaves have hinges on the left which would not work for us). THe Kitchen Aid architect series microwave instructions say the thing can go under the counter -- ($1000 for just a microwave).

Other alternative would be the Miele Speed Oven. (Humm Ikea for $650 vs Miele for $3000); or the Smeg speed oven ($1600, but who services this obscure brand). Both of these say in their instructions they can go under the counter.

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I am about to start my kitchen reno & just ordered ikea cabinets and the nutid microwave. According to the installation manual you can install it below the counter. The top of the microwave must be at least 1" below the bottom of the countertop. See page 3 of the manual.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installation Manual

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After reading this, I went to IKEA site and looked at all MWs. I didn't see any of then being described as baking w/o MW function.

Which one is a speed oven???

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^^^^^ there aren't any .

They are simply glorified microwaves with pre-programmed settings and do not have any radiant elements or a convection element. It won't brown your casserole top.

The drop down door is a nice feature and they look way better than the built in offerings from 99% of the major appliance co.'s offerings.

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These are indeed Whirlpool units, and if you like them but want speed oven or convection features, they are available under other Whirlpool brands (Kitchenaid, Jenn-Air, maybe Maytag and Whirlpool), sometimes built in over a full-size oven, other times a separate unit like the Ikea microwaves. The insides look alike, except for the heating element(s) on the top. The exterior controls are different by brand, and separate 24"w, 27"w, and 30" wide models are available. Much more expensive than the Ikea units though.

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lee - 600 bucks for a microwave doesn't sound very "cheap" to me. Especially being made by whirlpool and sold at Ikea.

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