Light gray grout recommendations

LinelleJune 4, 2014

I want a very light gray grout for my Arctic White tub/shower surround. Ideally no blue or tan cast. Just gray. I don't want a mass of white, but I don't want grout lines to be super-prominent.

My tile guys do NOT custom mix so that's not an option.

Two choices seem possibilities:

Laticrete Silver Shadow
Polyblend Platinum

What do you think?

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I picked the first and substituted the second because of availability at my vendor, I think they both have a slightly bluish cast: I was selecting for blue tile and wanted a grey white that didn't go yellow next to the blue.

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Ha, I was just looking at grout earlier today. Silver Shadow is nice.

(We are using Laticrete Bright White on our Gloss White Daltile and Antique White on our White Daltile.)

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Thanks guys. I actually think I have Platinum for my kitchen backsplash which is a creamy white. It does have a slightly blue/mauve cast to it. In fact, it's always been slightly irritating to me, but not something I focus on unduly.

Hmmm, now I'm thinking maybe Laticrete Smoke Gray might be less blue. It's slightly darker, but a warmer gray. My floor tile loves all the grout colors.

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I like Laticrete Smoke Gray, it will be on our shower floors (tile is a warm white). I think it has a touch of brown. Should be grouted this week, if you are not in a hurry I can try to take photos for you.

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Oaktown, I need to choose by tomorrow. They left their sample kits with me. Having said the Platinum irritates me in the kitchen, I think I was exaggerating a bit. I sometimes pick up a whiff of mauve but I think it's a little more accentuated next to the creamy (i.e., a little yellow-y) tile.

Finally the tile guy is gone for the day. It doesn't matter how the grout looks in the kitchen, since it's going in the bathroom! I do see a little blue in the Silver Shadow. Coming down the homestretch, Smoke Gray is in the lead.

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linelle, just curious, what did you end up using? Ours goes in tomorrow . . .

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Oh jeez, Oaktown, talk about vacillating.

I'm going with Smoke Gray too. I *really* wanted the lightness of Silver Shadow, but I could not unsee the blue cast. I was afraid someone would say, "So, blue grout?" Smoke Gray is a tad darker than I wanted, but it's a warm gray. Mine goes in tomorrow too. Here's looking at you, kid.

The floor was easy. Since it's a melange of many grays, all the gray grouts look good with it. I'm using Delorean Gray. Hopefully the floor tile goes in tomorrow.

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Oaktown, mine's done. How did yours turn out?

I knew I'd freak a bit when it went in wet and dark. The guy is right now cleaning up and I'm anxious to see how it looks when it dries.

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For all the indecision, I'm happy with how the grout turned out. Zephyr approves.

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linelle-that looks great!! Please do a full reveal when you're completely done.

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Wow linelle, hope mine turns out as nice! Will probably go by this afternoon to check. Is Zephyr a tuxedo? We used to have one, she was the sweetest thing.

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Oaktown, so this is a new build for you? I am so happy to have no workers in my house for a few days, even the affable Miguel. On the other hand, I'm glad I was around to answer little questions like, here or there? this way or that? etc. I try to stay out of their way and not interfere or hover, but I would rather err on the side of being too involved rather than, OMG why didn't you tell me you were going to do that?!!!

The agony of picking a grout color. This one's fine, no blue.

Zephyr (spot on nose) and his twin sister Bessie are kinda tuxedos. I think they're more like Holstein cattle.

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Linelle - Your tile & grout look GREAT (now I wish I did subway in my bathroom), and your kitties are SO cute! Holsteins, very funny.

My tile guy also would not mix grout, to get the color I wanted... I don't get it. If I ever tile myself, I am mixing grout - just because I can! :-)

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mdln, my original plan was to do 4x4 tiles in a plain stacked pattern in light gray, the SAME tile I was taking out. My BD thought I was nuts. I finally found the original tile but there wasn't any trim available. I swore I wasn't going to do subways, but oh well. Call it overdone and a trend that has peaked, nobody I know has a subway tile anywhere in their house.

When I asked my tile guy's supervisor about mixing grout colors, it sounded like it was simply company policy. He was nice about it and I didn't push it. I'm sure it's fraught with problems if the homeowner doesn't like the mix, since you don't get a little plastic stick to look at and you can't tell from wet grout what it will ultimately look like. I'm like you, if I ever tile myself (and that would be the day), I would mix and do sample boards. For now, I'm fine with the good job my guy did. I even got a thumbs up over at John Bridge.

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I love the Holsteins.

The grout looks great too!

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