can bathroom vent have too high a CFM?

phrogJune 13, 2013

I'd like to replace first-floor bathroom's ancient ceiling fan/light/heater combo with one from Panasonic. It only seems to come in 110 CFM, and our bathroom is only about an 8 ft. cube in shape. However, it will probably be ducted up through the 2nd floor and the ceiling. Is the CFM likely to be OK?

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Yes, it will be fine. Your vent is running a ways, so you will not actually get 110cfm.

I put that one in my 7.5 x 13 master bath. I didn't like the light, so I put the heater/fan in my 6.5x7.5 hall bath. They are very quiet, so should be find.

I put in two timers -- 30 minute max (5/10/15/30) for the heater and 60 (10/20/30/60) for the fan. Leviton LTB30 is heavy enough for the heater)

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Did you have any concern about reports that the wiring can short out or disintegrate? I don't know if that's the result of a product flaw or an installation mistake.

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You need to check the length of the duct, how many elbows in it, and if it's rigid or flexible ducting. Depending on those answers, 110 cfm might not be enough.

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