Fall #2

slinkeyOctober 5, 2010

I'm laughing at you guys...thinking I'm running around decorating now...I'd be a gonner for sure if I did that!

ALL The Decorating and Picture taking was DONE right BEFORE I got sick...towards the 'end' I was pushing with my last ounce... (and wasn't listening to my body)!

Right now the ONLY energy I've got left, is to move my fingers (and mouth as DH said)....on my PC and download the pics from my camera!

Here's a few more...

A simple arrangement on Breakfast Table...

The Blk Candlesticks and Woven Charger were GW $1 ea

It actually looks better IRL...

This is a TV Cabinet DH made to 'hide the TV' where we eat... One of the things on it is the lantern I got 'Free' from last month's Giant YS...

The Farm Woman is a Hand Carved Wood Piece I bought yrs ago at a TS for $4...the foot was broken..but I knew DH could fix it. The Old Granite Coffee Pot was retrieved from a dumpster from an Old Farm House that was being torn down - believe it or not, in lower NY when I lived there. I couldn't believe they would do that. There was also some graniteware pieces as well.

Sofa Table Vignette...

Shaker Boxes - ES $6 for both..

The Footed Bowl I found at GW it says 'Yankee Candle' underneith..$3...The Bird was CTS on clearance $1

Kitchen Counter...Kept it very simple this yr...

I got the Metal Leaf Basket (actually looks better empty) at a Consgn Shp last Spring $5..The Squirrel (you remember last yr) CTS I think was $1..The Candleholder above TS $1

and the Theorem Apple print - TS $3...

Hall Table...

I bought two of these cups at Marshalls $2 ea. I thought they were so cute for arrangements...too large for coffee or tea.. but maybe soup.

Okay...More later...

time to take a nap...my fingers are worn out !! LOL


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Where to start? By telling you to take care of yourself and get some rest, that's where. As for all your great fall decorating, let's see, I love the granite pitcher. It used to be you could find lots of good things in the trash or left behind, not so these days. The whole display on the TV cabinet is great, what a cute little lady. We have 5 TVs and I have all but one hidden, I hate electronics showing. In the kitchen arrangement, I like the cider can and of course the sweet little squirrel. I'm sorry you pushed yourself so to get things done, but I sure did enjoy the results.

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Jane, you did such a wonderful job with your fall decorating, I hope it makes you feel better knowing how much we all are enjoying your hard work. Please rest so you get your strength back.

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Marlene Kindred

Everything is just beautiful...love them all. Your home is just gorgeous too.

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"Right now the ONLY energy I've got left, is to move my fingers (and mouth as DH said)...."
Well at least you know what's important! Being on computer and telling DH what to do. Or not to do. LOL.

I should have realized all that decorating is what got you in trouble in the first place. Its gorgeous, so I hope you can sit back and enjoy it now.
Of all the neat things you did, for some reason that last photo with the bird mug and pumpkin-berries in it really
caught my attention. It just seems so small, but so special. I've got to keep that idea in case I run into a mug as pretty as yours. Oh,the composition of that photo
also is something. Just beautiful.

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful Jane! The wood woman is precious.
Now I have to read and see what happened to you. I hope you are feeling better!

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I know I should be commenting on your vignettes and arrangements, BUT - I'm fascinated by the TV cabinet!
Could you show a picture of it open whenever you take pictures again? Please.

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Jane, you have so many wonderful decorations out. Just lovely, all of them. I love that you used alot of berries in your decorating.

Yankee candles are my favorite and your arrangement is so pretty. Hope your feeling better. You gals are so busy on here, it's hard for me to keep up right now.


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I am going to take the cheaters way out, my hands are suffering from arthritis like you wouldn't believe & too much time here typing is killing me.

I love everything, but the simple arrangement on your table was just like one out of a magazine.

All your vignettes are beautifully done, but my hands are killing me, so just know that I really loved looking at your beautiful fall home.

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Frou...thanks for your caring words. I'm like you with not liking electronics showing. I've got all the TVs in cabinets as well, and with them being flat now it's so much easier to do. I got that cider can a few years back, at Michael's it was on clearance. It's nice because it looks like a really old piece.

NanaK..thanks.. I almost hear your voice through your words and it's very comforting. Glad you enjoyed looking and I'm happy that everyone is pleased too.

marlene..thank you again... I'll be looking for you to join us here. As you can see, everyone is very sweet - Always!

Karen..you liked that part - about the fingers & mouth!
Can you relate??? lol I love that little bird cup too. It's so sweet. Sometimes the simplest things make 'big statements'. You know they also had a large plate...but I thought what would I do with 1 plate...silly me.

kathleen...thank you. I love that carved woman too. The details on her don't really show up in the photo.

OA..I'll take a photo tomorrow before I go to the Dr...while it's still daylight. Then, I'll post it tomorrow evening for you to see. I'll show you the TV inside and how it extends out.


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Well, I am loving everything in Part II also! Those 2 tall black candleholders are very cool in that centerpc on table...EVERYTHING arranged on tv cabinet....so charming. I love the small wood farm woman & that you added just a few miniature pumpkins ...perfect with the cow & the framed pic above! The old granite coffee pot makes a wonderful pc for your collection of leaves & berries. I have a large pot like that out by my garden shed...I prop open the door with it!

jane...like PM said, the composition of that last photo is beautiful...love the cup idea & that pic & the one before it of your corner counter (w/o flash) would make very pretty "Fall" cards! Very lovely!

Birds call to me so I really like how you used that footed bowl, glass & creamy bird among the Fall foilage. Ah, Jane, everything is beautiful...I am happy you can sit back & share it with us & still get some rest. Good luck at your appt. tomorrow. TFS your home! Jeanne S.

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I love all your decorating, Jane, it is always so creative and tastefully done. I really love how you used the footed dish, glass candle holder and the bird. Sort of a "reverse" cloche arrangement and still beautiful. The little carved lady is precious and your tv cabinet is wonderful! I love all of your displays and arrangements, thanks for sharing them with us. Glad you are still taking it easy and getting better. Luvs

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These pictures even top the first! You are so good at arranging your garlands and leaves and such--love the granitewear coffee pot (just my style) and the bird cup, but what I like most of all is the cabinet your DH built! It looks a hundred years old. He is so talented. SOMEDAY, when my DH gets around to building some furniture, I hope he can do something half that good.

Your home must give you such pleasure. Everything in it is beautiful.

- Magpie

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Girly-Q...go take a nap! but your pictures are lovely and I thank you for posting them. I surely hope you are taking good care of yourself and feeling some better every day.
Big hugs to you,

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Thanks again for the sweet compliments and caring words.

I'm taking the easy out to thank you all...I'm so
glad you enjoyed everything...and appreciate all your compliments.


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Jane, I LOVE all of your decor! Everything looks so warm & comfy. The carvings on the cabinet are fantastic! and I love how you used the wall art to echo the decor (or was it the other way around?).

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The wall art was their, I had the pieces elsewhere, but for this fall scene, I thought they worked well together.
Thanks again for the warm compliments.


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Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! It's all wonderful, Jane . . . simple and elegant at the same time. Your carved wood figurine reminds me of old French santons, although the ones I've seen are made of clay, not wood. I like her a lot.
Although I love each and every one of your beautiful vignettes, I'm especially taken with the bird in your footed bowl with the hurricane glass around it!!! What a great idea!
Is your apple cider jug in the kitchen vignette an antique? It's wonderful and so unusual. It goes with the apple print and your cute little squirrel, too!

Hope that you're feeling a bit better today.

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