Has anyone stained fiber cement board siding?

mdezzy4May 1, 2009

My wife and I are currently building a new home and are still very much in the learning process. We are building on a wooded lot right on the lake and would like to have a rustic feel to it but are a little discouraged from using cedar lap siding due to maintenance and cost.

We have heard great things about fiber cement board siding. So we were wondering if anyone has stained cement board siding to give it that "cedar lap siding" look? If so, some pictures would be greatly appreciated. Also, how has it held up..........has it faded? Also, what brand of stain did you use?

Any help or insight would be very helpful. Thanks.

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The fiber cement is a very dense product and probably wouldn't absorb a stain well. The primed product is ready for painting and they also have prepainted as well. I think the right paint color with their cedar surfaced siding would achieve the look you are trying to attain.


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do you want to stain it yourself? all of nichiha's colors are stained (both the wood tones as well as the "colors".) it also comes primed ready for paint. do a search as many GWs have used it. mine will be weathered gray.

Here is a link that might be useful: nichiha website

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Certainteed also makes fibercement siding that is prefinished in "stain finish" in a number of different stain colors. And, their stain finish siding comes in a number of different shingle shapes (half rounds, octogons, random squares) as well as horizontal and vertical lap. I've looked at samples and they look really good.

I would NOT attempt to site stain fibercement but you definitely can purchase the look you want. Between Nichia and Certainteed, someone is bound to have just the color and shape siding you want. And they are both highly reputable products.

Here is a link that might be useful: certainteed stained fibercement siding

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Thanks for all the help.

Has anyone used these products (certainteed and nichiha prefinished in "stain finish")? I would love to see some photos and not just those that are on their websites. I would also love to know how they held up.

But thanks again for the information.

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You might give a shout-out to Reenee49 and/or dcaslin and ask them for their first-hand experience with Certainteed's stained fiber-cement. I found a thread (linked below) which indicates both had purchased that product in mahogany. Unfortunately neither one has an email on their member-page so you'll have to hope they are still active on the site and will see your shout-out.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread discussing mahogany stained fibercement

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We used the nichiha shingles on our gables and love the look.

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Are there any stain finishes other than mahogany? I've tried the certainteed site and can't figure this out. Thanks

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glnnj -

Certainteed's stained fiber-cement products come in 6 shades: mahogany, cedar, redwood, maple, slate (which is the silver grey of deeply weathered wood) and emerald (which is a deep green).

Go to the page I linked to in my post above and pick any of of the stain-finished products by clicking on its name (in blue). This will lead you to a new page with a small picture of that product on the right hand side. The small picture will have will have six tiny "color squares" beside it. Click on a square and the small picture will change to that color. Click on "view larger image" to see it in a larger size.

Bear in mind that the colors you see on a computer are determined by the settings on your computer so the best you can get is a general idea of the colors. You'll want to see sample in real life to get a better idea of how the colors look.

That said however, I found that Certainteed was extremely helpful. I could not find a distributor in my area and contacted Certainteed directly. I was wanting their pre-painted product and they sent me a sample board with sample of every color at no charge. Also, even tho there was no distributor in my local area, Certainteed indicated they could and would deliver any product I wanted to me. They don't restrict certain products/colors to certain areas of the country.

Nichiha also comes in six standard stain colors and 2 special order stain colors. Standard colors are mahogany, maple, macadamia, charcoal gray, caramel, and emerald wheat. Special Order colors are redwood and weathered grey.

Below is a link to the Nichiha site. There are two tiny triangle on the bottom left and right sides of the big picture on this page. Click on them to move thru a slide show of houses built using various nichiha siding - some painted and some stained.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: nichiha

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It worked! Thanks for the great directions.

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Semi-transparent and solid-color 100% acrylic stains are best for fiber-cement siding but unlike solvent-based stains they require a primer coat. They are essentially 100% acrylic paints with a lower pigment-to-vehicle ratio so they are easier to apply and reapply but usually must be touched up or reapplied more often.

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