Where to buy mirror glass?

ntruroJune 25, 2010

I'd like to replace the glass in a pair of bathroom vanity mirrors. The mirrors have frames, so they don't need polished or bevelled edges. And the frames have solid sheet steel backs that attach to the wall, so 1/8" glass should work. I've called a couple of glass shops and a hardware store for prices and all want over $90 for the pair. This seems high to me. Any recommendations on where I can buy mirrors less expensively?


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We bought ours at Home Depot it's in the vanity & mirror section, Lowes also carries them. Ours is beveled but I thought I saw some without the bevel as well. If not there, you can go to a regular glass shop like Henderson's and they can cut you mirror in any size you want.

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Ntruro, you didn't mention the size of your mirrors, but $90 for two doesn't sound particularly high to me. I paid $70+ for a custom cut mirror for our guest bath, from a local place that does mirrors and glass. Lowes or HD only work if the size you need is one of the few sizes of mirrors they carry in stock.

-- Eric

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I see ads on CL for people selling bathroom mirrors after remodels all the time. It is just the big flat builder grade frameless mirror. That might be a way to go if you find it cheap enough and then just have it cut to size at your local glass shop.

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I was in a rush the other day and didn't read your post all the way I guess, sorry bout that. No 90.00 isn't too bad. If you have salvage yards in your area though you may want to try them a lot of them have over stock of mirrors too. I know the builder's salvage yard we purchased 2 louver doors from did.

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I don't know what size you are looking for, but if you have a Homegoods in your area (or a similar store) you can buy a mirror there. I've gotten good deals on mirrors where the frame was broken, and I removed the mirror. Although this may be a lot of work to save a few bucks.
I have also gotten pieces from a glass shop -- they usually have a scrap pile, and I've gotten things for free or huge discounts.
Home Depot & Lowe's a smentioned are godd, too.
$90 does sound high for glass w/out a bevel, but depends on size.

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