OT: My Grandson in a MOVIE!

yachter123October 10, 2010

Well, I've held this secret for a while, but want to share with all of you what has been going on in our lives.

My grandson was asked, by Rick Springfield, to be in his latest movie. The movie is about Rick & his long standing connection with fans over so many years.

My grandson met him when he was 3 and they have had a special relationship ever since. My grandson's name is Dustin & he's been onstage with Rick many times.

Rick has been a mentor to him & his interest in music & acting.

They have just released a "teaser" video of the movie and I wanted to share it all with you. There will be alot more of Dustin in the movie, these are just small clips from the movie. Movie will be released in 2011.

About two years ago, my grandson also made a TV pilot with another production company & Rick agreed to be in that to get Dustin's career started. One of the producers of that company is Carter Oosterhouse of HGTV. Both he & Rick are super people to work with, they are genuine & humble, and it was such a thrill to spend time with both of them during these two endeavors!

The producers of the movie with Rick are arriving at my house, for 5 days again, in less than two weeks to do more filming of Dustin for the movie. The movie will feature 3 or 4 key fans & Dustin is one of them. Needless to say, I'm trying to pull together a super Halloween tablescape at my house for this, and need to start it today!!

Hope you will all take a look at the "sneak peak" video here: copy & paste the link and the video will start to load as soon as you open the page.


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Oh, my goodness! How could you keep all that to yourself? RS appears to be such a nice man (unlike so many rock stars and starlets these days). How great that your grandson has chosen him to emulate. Please let us know when the final movie version is released.

And congratulations to Dustin. I'm sure Rick didn't pick "just anybody" to mentor. He must have seen something very special in him.

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Ooops, should have put a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Movie Sneak Peak

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How exciting!
Have fun with your Halloween table. I'm sure it will be amazing.
Dustin definitley looked like he was enjoying himself, both as the 3 yr old and later!!


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Geepers! Your GS is a sweetheart ... & to be mentored by BS, WOW! That's pretty cool! Have fun with your visitors & Halloween decorating! Loved the video. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Yachter, I'm so thrilled for you, your family, Dustin and Rick. What a wonderful story. Rick is a genuine sweetheart after seeing this clip and reading your post. Hope your table turns out just the way you want it. I'm sure you will all be doing so much talkin' it wouldn't matter if your table was bare.

I was lucky enough to meet Chris Young a couple years ago for my DS birthday. He is a sweetheart too. If any of you have a chance to meet him, do it.

I sure hope we can see more and more of Dustin. How old is he now? He looked like he loves playing and this could be more than a great start. This is just such fantastic news for all of you.

I can't quit smiling over this. I'm doing the Happy Dance for all of you tonight.


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OA, I didn't want to seem like I was bragging, but the producers have now said we can spread the sneak peak around for everyone to see.

Candy, Dustin comes alive when he's playing music or acting on a stage. It's in his blood!

Jeannespines, thanks so much, he is OUR sweetheart for sure. He has had some rough years with THE EX mother, but has a very loving dad (my son) and he & his siblings are in full custody of my son now, so things are much better.

Punk, thanks so much for being so thrilled for us, it's been going on a while, so it's not new to me, but thanks for sharing our joy, I never want to offend or take up space here bragging.

Dustin filmed parts of that in Milwaukee at a Rick bowling benefit, was supposed to be a charity baseball game in May, but it rained & was very cold, so turned out to be bowling instead. It was all set up for Rick to all of a sudden see Dustin off in the distance. I'm learning alot about how they make movies !

As far as seeing more of him, the producers came here in June especially to film Dustin onstage with Rick, playing lead guitar for him, at a live concert, so that will also be in the movie.

I know they will be filming him playing with his Christian band when they come this time & not sure what else.

I'll keep you all posted and thanks so much for looking & the sweet comments.

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Sorry Punk, you asked his age, he's 14 1/2 now.

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"I didn't want to seem like I was bragging."

What! Bragging is one of the official jobs of a grandma. Grandmas are OBLIGED to brag. And this is certainly one of those times that it's more than appropriate.

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Ditto to OA's remark above ...this forum is so wonderful that everyone can share such "good things" in life! And, boy, oh boy, your DGS is one of the "good things!" Good luck to him on this next adventure with Rick S! Lovin' this post! Jeanne S

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Oh Yachter..what exciting news. How amazing that Dustin's relationship with
Rick all started from age 3 and grew to this point.
I'm sure Rick felt Dustin's talent was worth this wonderful opportunity. You all must be so proud of him.
I love Carter Osterhouse, and always felt he was such a genuine and special person, so I'm not surprised that he's involved too.
Please keep us up to date on the latest news of Dustin, and
Good luck on that Halloween table..sounds like a real special event to prepare for.


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Yachter, I agree w/OA. Don't ever think we don't want to hear bragging about your family. I'm surprised you can SLEEP!!!I can't believe you held out on this so long. Just tickled pink for you and yours! We know how much you love being a Grandma and you deserve this.

Only 14 and having so much fun. Couldn't be happier for him. He's such a cutie that you may have to be a bodyguard for him and save him from all the girls. Yes, please keep us posted.


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Yacht, I'm so thrilled for you and Dustin. You must be ready to burst with excitement over this.
Rick Springfield seems like a fantastic guy to know.
But HGTV's Carter Oosterhouse....BE STILL MY HEART! You lucky woman!! SIGH! Hey, maybe he'll love your Halloween decor so much he'll mention it to the right people and get you on TV. Woooo Hoooo.

Carter Oosterhouse...sighing deeply...
Karen who's green with envy!

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Woo Hoo! That is the coolest thing ever for Dustin and you. You know we don't want to miss a thing, so keep us posted. Dustin seems like a wonderful and talented DGS. And I feel the same way Karen does about Carter Oosterhouse, what a dream.

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Yachter, so great that Dustin will get to be in the movie! Know what a proud Grandma you must be! Grandma's always have bragging rights, so brag away. OMG! I would be so nervous if all those celebrities were coming to my house! LOL I'm sure your tablescape will be great! I've always liked Rick since his days on the soap opera, and Carter is so cute and has the nicest smile. Two very good mentors for your grandson. Keep us posted! Luvs

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Hi all, I need to clarify, Carter & his corporation, Van Corp Media, produced a TV pilot about 2 years ago, starring Dustin, which is still being marketed.

Carter is not involved in this movie, but Rick was involved with Carter in the TV pilot.

I met Carter and the others from Van Corp Media, spent an entire weekend with them actually, and Carter is so nice.

Everyone tells him he should be an actor or model & he says he loves working with his hands and what he's doing on HGTV.

Ok, for you Carter gals: this was taken in a restaurant the weekend they filmed for the TV pilot about 2 years ago:

Ginny (GF) Dustin & Carter

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Congratulations, Lori! That is wonderful for your grandson!
Hope everything goes well!

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BE.. STILL.. MY.. HEART..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He's so gorgeous. His smile. His eyes. EVERY thing about that man.

'scuse me for drooling on my keyboard at this photo.

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Thank you all for the good wishes, I will keep you all updated on what is going on with the film & Dustin (now that the secret is out)!!

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Yachter, How thrilling!!! You must be bursting at the seams with pride! Dustin is a doll!!! How does anyone get to be as handsome as Carter is?

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