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Greg__RMay 14, 2013

So my wife and I went to the local appliance store and checked out the Bosch and Miele dishwashers. She strongly preferred the rack layout in the Miele so we're locked into that brand. She also doesn't want stainless steel; we could live with white or black or I could build a custom panel and semi-match what we've got there now.

I'm looking at the Dimension and Crystal lines because we like the option of the 3rd rack. Of course, the Crystal 5225 doesn't have the 3rd rack... all the others do but require a custom door panel. Is there a resource listing door panel compatibility?

We're looking at these options & are looking for feedback. Thanks!

Crystal g5105: $1200 (last year's model). Not sure why this one is $200 cheaper than this year's Crystal models. We're a little leary about buying an old model.
Crystal g5285scvi + custom panel: $1400+panel. A white or black panel seems to cost $250. If I'm going to spend $1600+ then I might as well step up to a Dimension?
Dimension g5605sci: $1700 + small panel.
Dimension 5670scvi: $1700 + full panel
Dimension 5675scvi: $1780 + full panel. This is identical to the 5670scvi but it's not ADA compliant. Why would this model cost more?

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Why be leary of buying last years model ???

Does the new model have some feature the old one doesn't that you'll really use ? If you'd bought that model last Nov. - think you'd be losing sleep today over the model that replaced the one you have ?

I believe there is a 5225 /crystal model that comes with a cutlery tray. It'll have the SC designation before the finish code ie 5225SCBK for a black model.

I think the non- ADA models have a bit bigger interior, hence the bigger price.

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The 5225BK and 5225WH come with the basket, the 5225SC comes with the 3rd rack/tray (this is a departure from prior year's models).

Has anyone heard a Q2 and a Q4 washer? What is the noise level difference? About what SPLdB does Q2 correspond to? Thanks!

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There you go - the new feature for this years model is the 3rd tray. The price has been increased to match too.

FWIW - you can order the third tray to install into any Miele DW without one. You screw in two runners with 2 screws and add the tray and some retaining clips. Last time I looked it was @ $175 from parts. Is prob. $250- now.

I don't know the numbers off hand but ALL Mieles are quite enough. If you are uber sensitive to appliance noise then you'd better get a closed off kitchen with a door to contain the noise. You should also order a miele with a Q5 rating as it has the most padding or order the most expensive Bosch model which claims to be the quietest DW in the market. You will still be able to hear it though !

You should also take these ratings with a grain of salt as nobody publishes how they conduct the test, and under what conditions - sound chamber or an average kitchen , and what is an average kitchen and is that an average German or American kitchen and ......and ......and....

So, back to what I said - all mieles and other euro dishwashers for that matter will be quiet enough except for the obsessive compulsive dishwasher connoisseur. They will also be quieter than what you have now.

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I bought the dimension line with the 3rd rack. All I can say is that it is incredible. After the dish slosher that the Fisher Paykel that came with the house, it is a welcome relief. It is super quiet... you only really hear it when it discharges water into the drain.

Cleaning performance is superb. It beat all my expectations. Good luck!

Also, I'm not sure just adding a third rack after-party is the same. As it is, each rack has it's own dedicated cleaning mechanism. Not sure if the 2 row ones are the same.

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xedos, they -removed- the 3rd rack and added $200 this year.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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alexaqui - I am sure about adding the third rack after the fact.

We have done this for clients half a dozen times over the last 5-10 years. The sprayer for the third rack on a miele is in the ceiling of the unit.

greg - the 5225sc (with the third row) is still current isn't it ? Only the G51xx models were retired and of those only one model (in 3 finishes) didn't have the third row / cutlery tray! Pretty much the same as now.

All models went up in price this year , just like last year, and the year before, and next year too.

G5225 , in stainless, with a cutlery tray is available for $1,399 - or- $1,299 without tray from AJMdison outa New York.

$100 bucks installed for the tray /thrid row is CHEAP !

Here is a link that might be useful: G5225 with tray

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xedos, where did you see the 3rd tray for sale?

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