Moving windows - will this look funny?

cottonpennyMay 27, 2012

This is all my fault and I'm feeling kind of sick about it.

Across the back of our house, we have breakfast room with french doors to deck, then family room with french doors to deck. The windows in the breakfast room face the backyard. I told our builder I did not want those full height cause I wanted a built in bench there.

I never really saw the numbers and assumed he knew what I meant. Bad idea. He has installed them 48" off the ground! He thought I wanted a bench "like McDonalds". I just wanted the windows chair height.

So we are lowering the windows or else I'd have no view of my backyard from the table. However, unless I wait 4 weeks and buy new windows, the top of the window won't match up with the top of the transoms above the french doors. It will match up with the top of the doors, though.

Will this look really funny? Is there anything I can do with window treatments to make it look not funny?

Here is a picture as they are now. The windows to the left will be lowered about 14".

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Oh you POOR thing - Not to worry. Lower the windows to where you want them -get out the tape measure and mark on the walls where your window sill should be. Take a chair to check it and dont forget flooring.
You can put the curtain rod up higher and add special trim to raise the height also.
It may even look better and not be so matchy matchy to the doors. Might lend a little character to the nook area.
Yep happened to me on this build the one day I didnt stay on site with the framers. My husband and I spent the weekend reframing. Why didnt we have the framers redo? Uh they got it wrong the first time!

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Any chance you could afford to get transom windows to go above those windows? Decorative glass transoms would look great once you lower the windows.

Course, you'd have to wait for the transoms to come in too...

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bevangel - I could probably afford the transoms but don't think I could afford the time delay. Brick starts this week.

It's kind of breaking my heart ATM.

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Is there a reason they couldn't brick around? People replace windows in bricked houses all the time. Why not just add a window (assuming they leave the space for one) after the brick is in?

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I agree - I would brick around them and have the masons come back when the transoms or larger windows come in. I am afraid if you lower those windows they won't give you the look you want. It will cost a bit more to do it this way but shouldn't be exorbitant and is worth it I think. I would either do transoms above or preferably larger windows. . .

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It will take the masons awhile to get to the window. Order the transoms ASAP and ask for a rush order. It may not cost much.

Our builder set the windows and doors the same height. We do not have transoms and If you choose to not add them, I would have the window header at the same height of just the door (not including the transom). This is visually appealing and the eye does not travel up and own the walls.

Best of luck!

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We are going to rush the transoms and move the windows. It will cost an extra $1300 to buy extra transoms and to reframe the windows. I'm feeling relieved though...the kitchen is interior to the breakfast nook so this bank of windows provides most of the kitchen's natural light and I did not want to lose out on that.

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