Frameless shower door is in - photo!

tartanhabitJune 28, 2008

The frameless shower door went in this week ... another thing checked off the list. We live in the Bay Area and Wilson Glass made and installed it.

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tartan it looks nice. Is this your main bath? I am getting a frameless for my bath, but mine is a two wall shower with a seat. Does it feel sturdy enough for you. Questions abound.

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It looks great! I take it you have one fixed panel and one hinged door? Did it take long? Would you be willing to give a ballpark cost?

Our bathroom renovation will start right after the July 4th weekend. The shower door is the only thing that hasn't been addressed yet.

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It's lovely! I bet you're enjoying using the shower after the long wait.

I would also love to hear a ballpark cost, as we're getting an estimate on Monday for one very similar to yours.

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I'll answer questions:

jujybean: it does seem remarkably sturdy. There's minimal hinges. I was asking the installer what gives it it's strength and he said that the silicone they use around the edges is a big part of the installation security. The hinges apparently are very strong. This is not our main bath.

marisany/cindy socal: yes, one fixed door on the left and one hinged door on the right (about 29" L, 28" R). Installation was done in about 2 or 2.5 hours. Cost: $1400 which we were happy with given a quote from Expo for almost $2000 for Schicker brand (which also looked very nice but I was happy to save a few $$ on something for a change!). That figure included manufacturer and labor. About $500 or so of that was for labor - again, I was happy to have the same company that supplied the doors do the installation even though we could have just bought the material from them.

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What are the dimensions of your shower? Is that a shower pan or tile floor? If it's a shower pan, what's it made of? Thanks.

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tartanhabit -

Your frameless door looks great! And we're considering something similar so I have to ask . . .

Can you describe what happens between the door and the fixed panel? Is there a flexible seal of some sort that prevents water from splashing out between the fixed panel and door? Does the door swing both ways (no pun intended :-) )?

Also, when you mention silicone around the edges, I assume you mean that they sealed between the edges and the wall with silicone? Is it just a bead of silicone or is it some sort of formed gasket?


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dedtired, the shower is approx 58" x 34" (shower floor dimensions). The shower floor is made of penny rounds. I'm not 100% overwhelmed with how it came out. I like it but there's things I would want to have better if doing it over were an option if anyone ever wants to know!

Thanks yellowdog, there's a seal that is fixed to the door that prevents water from splashing out (although this is untested, shower not used yet) and it also provides a 'stop' for the door. So no, the door does not swing both ways :-) although that was an option but it just seemed more stable to have it stop where it meets the fixed panel if you see what I mean. Here's a pic:

The silicone around the edges I believe is a bead of silicone, applied a bit like caulk I think rather than a preformed gasket.

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Is it schicker brand? Were there other brands you looked at? What don't you like about the floor? What would you do differently?

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lsudude, no, it's not schicker. It's custom made by Wilson Glass in Berkeley, CA so local rather than a big brand. I compared the price with Schicker and seemed to be pretty much the same product for cheaper (see above).

What I don't like about the floor is that some of the penny rounds are a little more 'sunk' in the grout than others so the defining edge is a little lost. This was not apparent that it was going to do this until it was grouted. It just gives it an irregular look.

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We're in La. so I guess I need to shop local places. I love what you did.

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I love what you did, too. Thank you for the information. Does the silicone bead attract mold? Is it clear? Is there metal at the bottom of the door? What are the hinges and other metal parts made of?

Did you have to wait a long time between measurement and installation?

Is this suitable for a bath that will get heavy use?

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Thanks Marisany.

I don't know if the silicone bead will attract mold - I hope not! Good point though. It is a clear bead. I should ask about that with the installation company ... hmm.

There's no metal at the bottom of the door, there is a plastic flap though. It sits on the bottom of the door and provides a very snug fit with the threshold. (husband's gone out of town with my camera or I'd offer a pic). The hinges and other metal parts (fixed clips) are chrome. I couldn't swear they were solid chrome or chrome plated. The hinges weighed a lot when I looked at them in the store so pretty sturdy.
Time between measure and install was I think around a week.

I think it would be suitable for a bath that gets heavy use as there are just so few bits to get gunked up and few areas for water to get trapped. Take a look at this company's website. Even if buying from them is not an option for you, there's a lot of info and configurations that might help. Look under 'Gallery'. If anyone ends up researching Wilson Glass, talk to Josh. He just seemed way more helpful and personable there than someone else I spoke with.

Here is a link that might be useful: This company makes tons of shower doors!

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Lovely bathroom, tartanhabit! I know what you mean about the difficulty of getting the pennyrounds right. We just DIY installed them on the floor of our bathroom, and they will hopefully get grouted this week. Like you, we had a really tough time getting them level in the thinset, especially on the sloped shower pan. Your white grout does a good job hiding that, and if mine look as good as yours do, I will be happy! But we are using light gray with our white/gray pennies, and I am afraid the contrast is going to highlight the imperfections. Anyway, these challenges serve to demonstrate why a good professional installer is worth every penny (no pun intended!).

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One more question-who is the manufacturer of your decorative tile and what if the name of it? Is it a true brown?

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We just had the frameless shower folks out to install the other day....our door won't fit :( We have to have three pieces of the four piece shower remade (Problem was because we had a tile install then measured, then had to remove the tile because the installer was a dope, then retiled... and lost 1/8th of an inch). Frameless is sure pretty, but danged expensive! Especially if you have to do it twice!

I only mention that because your price shocked me! I paid over $4000 for the first, and now it's another $2750. I'd kill for a $1400 shower like yours!!!

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lsudude: the glass tile border is made by Mirage Tile. The store where I bought it referred to it as 'Moonstone'. I've looked at their website and I think the link below is our tile. I'm not sure if my vision of true brown is the same as yours but yes, I'd say so! The colors looked a bit wishy washy when we took a piece of glass sample home but they really look deeper and richer when installed and grouted.

Igloo: Yep, bargains have been few and far between on this remodel (I LOVE my ikea vanity though!)so I was happy to get this price. Sorry about doing stuff twice though - ack I understand! ... I currently have a large batch of Italian floor tile in the basement that we have decided will not go with our countertop in the kitchen and have just ordered something else. That's another story.

Here is a link that might be useful: This looks like our glass tile blend

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