Custom walk in shower or prefab shower stall?

gabbythecatJune 19, 2013

We are currently planning on a 48 inch shower stall with door. Basic and functional. But - could we put a walk in, tiled shower for about the same price and space? I know that walk in might be more accessible, but we aren't trying to make this wheelchair accessible, just easy to use when we are elderly. I have seriously trashed knees, and even on a bad knee day, I can handle the curb in a pre fab shower stall.

I'm inclined to go with the prefab shower stall simply because that seems easier. I'm at the point in the building process where I don't want to make one more decision - I just want it to magically appear before my eyes, without my doing anything else or hiring another sub (we are GC'ing this thing).

What type of sub would do the building of the walk in shower, if we went that route? A walk in shower seems nicer than a shower stall.


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What exactly do you mean by a walk in shower? A typical tiled walk in shower will still have a curb. Even doorless showers usually have curbs. That said, for looks I would definitely go with the tiled shower over a pre-fab anything.

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Jason has a curbless prefab shower unit that looks like it was meant to fit in tub alcoves and work with folks who need wheelchair access. That is a flush drain line across the front. I think you could tie it in with a wainscot and/or tile treatment and have it look very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This is what we're hoping to do. It *looks* like it doesn't have a curb. Or maybe it does? The gal at our local flooring/tile company says that it's doable because of the size - a smaller area would need a curb.I don't know..this thing doesn't need to be wheelchair accessible. But I really do like the look of a tiled shower rather than a prefab stall. If it won't be cost prohibitive? The other thing - we're doing a bear theme in this bathroom (we've got bears on our property) and found some *great* bear tiles that we can use as accents in the shower. If we tile it, that is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Walk in shower from Houzz

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You can see how we're doing our corner shower. We're doing the tile work ourselves. I asked my friend who's helping and he though it would be around $6,000 if we paid someone else to do the tiling. Ours is 4'X4' and we had to raise it to fit the plumbing in. I do love the love of the tile as I put it in.

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Fun with tile. I'd think a tile setter could do the shower if you went that route. Doing it myself I do walk with longing past the put in place showers. It's slow going doing it ourselves.

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