Dishwasher, Microwave, Washer Dryer need suggestions please

pradsMay 17, 2012

Hi Everyone

We are moving into our first house and have to get new appliances dishwasher, washer dryer and microwave.

Our price range for each within 500-600 around that.

We currently have Bosch DW in our rented place and I think I like it.

In sears they mentioned kenmore is comparable to GE or Bosch.

Is that true?

Please please give me suggestions on which appliances I should look for the buck and the quality and looks.

Thanks! Appreciate your suggestions.

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Just to update, I think the price range can be upto $1000

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I posted this earlier on another post so I thought I'd repost it here as is somewhat applies.
The best washer would be a front load. Frigidaire or Lg. The Best dryer would be a Whirlpool with the lint filter on top. Same design for 40 years, a good quality product. But, only if you get the one with a timer and no electronics. All dryers heat at the same temp. If it got any hotter it would burn the house down. All dryers tumble the same speed. If it tumbled any faster it would be spinning the clothes. Why people spend up to a thousand for a dryer is beyond me. They all work the same, they dry clothes. But they do pay me $400.00 to fix them. YOU CAN GET A NEW DRYER FOR $350.00!!!
New topload washers fill for wash and only fill half way for rinse. Its a government thing to save energy. The "energy efficient" top load washer with no agitator like the cabrio, well, its one of my favorite brands. Every one needs a new mainboard, tub springs go out, main bearing goes out. Get a quarter in the pump, pump is shot. The touch pad will fail.

All day, everyday customers ask me what are the best appliances because their expensive two year old appliance is broke. I always tell them the cheapest ones. If a frig is full of electronics it will break and cost 2-4 hundred to repair it. A basic simple no fancy electronic frig will last. Whirlpool or Frigidaire.
The fancier the range the better for me. Keep it simple. All ovens heat at 350 degrees. It seems today everyone is a chef, must be all those cooking shows. They buy $2000.00 ranges and pay me $400.00 to fix them. I love it.
People pay big bucks on a dishwasher with all those buttons but only use the normal cycle. I don't get it. A mid line whirlpool is a good dishwasher. All dishwashers work about the same. Water comes in, sprays around, and drains. Its not magic.
If you like the Bosch, Samsung, Miele, asko etc. make sure there are people in town that repair them. I'm like the only LG servicer in my area which means I can charge more to repair them. No competition, business 101. There are only a couple of people in my area that will repair Samsung refrigerators, bosch, asko, etc. And they are not cheap.
Everyone repairs Whirlpool and Frigidaire. I live in an area with over 500,000 people so its not like we're in a small town out in the boonies.
Talk to an independent local servicer that doesn't sell appliances and he can advise you on the appliances that he has the least problems with.
You won't find too many appliance tech's that own GE. Their parts are the most expensive in the industry. Whirlpool, Frigidaire and even LG parts are reasonable.

Fischer Paykel. There again one maybe two companies repair them. The only place I can find parts for them is from Fischer paykel and they're in New Zealand. Takes about 3 weeks to get parts.
I just picked up a customer with apartments full of Viking. Viking controls their part distribution so only one part supplier on the east coast carries the parts. No competition means expensive parts which equals expensive repairs.

Its a great time to be an appliance repairman. I was never this busy in the 90's with the simple basic appliances. All those new fancy electronic appliances keep me very busy.

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Well--I do agree with a Frigidaire front load washer being a good choice. I looked at them recently when we were shopping and they're nice machines, with some very nice features. Dryers--yes, they all get hot, but features like a cool down period or reverse tumbling, or an option to extend tumbling after drying will reduce wrinkling and make it easier for you to do laundry. You can download the user manuals for most brands online, and that will give you a good overview of the features of the various machines. The Laundry Room forum here on GW is a good resource for researching what people like and don't like about the various brands.

I also agree that it's important to make sure that whatever brand you go with has repair service readily available. Bosch used to make some of the Kenmore machines, but I'm not sure if that's still true or which models they make. I know that there is information out on the 'net about who makes which Kenmore appliances, so you could find out that way if nobody chimes in here.

But here is where I need to part ways with the repair guy. :-) I love to cook, and my cooking appliances need to function well. I suppose it's a balance. All ovens might get to 350 degrees, but not all hold that temperature evenly, or distribute the heat evenly from side to side and top to bottom. But, I digress...the OP is not shopping for an oven. :-) Viking is a good example of a "high end" brand that has lots of problems, but not all high end brands do.

When shopping for a dishwasher, it is, of course, prudent to make sure that there is service available in your area. While they all fill with water and squirt it around, they do so with varying degrees of efficiency and effectiveness. Another consideration is the loading pattern and the racking systems. How well do YOUR dishes fit, and does the racking system fit your preferences? A suggestion that I gleaned from this forum was to take a few of my dishes with me when shopping and see if they fit well in the washers I was considering. I eliminated several dishwashers because my plates didn't nest well in the rack, or I didn't like the way bowls loaded, or they just felt 'chintzy' to me. You want to know these things BEFORE you buy, not after it's installed. Some models have upper racks for utensils and cutlery. I have one and I absolutely love it. Others don't. Don't dismiss any brand solely on price--I got my brand new discontinued model Miele in a clearance room for about half price, putting it at a bit less $ than the nice Kitchenaid model I'd chosen because it was more affordable. Some brands go on sale or have rebates you can take advantage of. Careful shopping can yield great deals if you're willing to be patient and know what you want, so you can act quickly when opportunity presents.

I don't use microwaves for anything other than heating up leftovers, can't speak to how to choose one for features. :-)

Best of luck to you,

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"All dryers heat at the same temp. "

Well, no. If you're in the bus, I don't know how you could say that. The one you want will have at least two lower-temp cycles available plus no-heat "air fluff" option. They certainly do NOT all heat to the same temp.

Agree dryers are pretty simple in-concept. They all do the same thing the same way with the exception of a few added cycles and features (most of which I don't use.) However, I would make sure it's big enough for an entire washer-load. Do get auto-dry sensing feature with at least three levels of dryness to select. Beyond those basics, I don't get too excited but those features, at least, are of real value. I've never had any dryer's controls fail in four decades of ownership. Have had failed elements and broken belts.

And, of course, make sure your vent-path is clear.

Overall, I do agree with the idea of checking locale to make sure service/parts available for whatever chosen. I you know somebody in the bus locally, do ask them. They're just machines. Something's going to happen sometime if you keep them long enough. For example, if my only source for a particular brand/model is fifty miles away, that brand/model doesn't make my list. Other people have different opinions.

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