using hydroban, does ansi wa % matter?

kirkhallJune 25, 2012

Hi all,

I found this site when searching the differences between porcelain and ceramic. (see link below).

It describes the ratings on tile and their appropriate usage. I am specifically wondering about the Water Absorption value and its relevance for fully tiled shower that is hydrobanned...

It seems like the daltile at the orange box is a popular tile to use as a cost-effective nice looking tile. But, I see that it lists only a semi-vitreous (3-7% absorption) online (haven't actually looked at the box in the store to see if it perhaps incorrect online). And, according to the link provided, that would suggest that it wouldn't be a good or best choice for use in a shower---better reserved for areas that would see only occasional water like a kitchen floor or backsplash.

So, if using hydroban, does it matter so much what type of tile you use? (absorption-wise?)

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(it won't let me post it in the link thing, for some reason)

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I don't know about the Daltile, but there have been complaints here about some of the Merola tile and others sold by HD getting water under the surface and molding, so yeah, I would think it's a bad idea even with hydroban, since that may keep the wall dry, but can't do anything about water within a tile.

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It doesn't matter, anyway. yes, porcelain has almost zero absorbsion. But whether or not you Hydrioban the shower, it's not a big deal the amount of water that conventional ceramic tile will absorb, because it'll just evaporate back out again, anyway. If you get a tile where water gets in under the glaze and discolors the tile-- especially if it won't dry back out again-- it's defective.

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