Kuppersbusch Combi Speed Oven

kaysdMay 26, 2011

Has anyone here used this oven? I am wondering how it compares to the Miele speed ovens. I need a 24" unit, so Advantium is out. I thought I would have to buy Miele at $2000 or $2900 for a 24" model, but the Kuppersbusch unit is $1,700 and seems to have similar features.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oven

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It looks nice but for microwaving you have to have a turntable which the Miele doesn't need.

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Funny, as I was just at the appliance store today looking at it briefly. It wasn't plugged in so I don't know how it performs, but the buttons seem fairly straightforward -- provided you spend a bit of time learning their pictograms. It never fails to surprise me how small the interiors look -- I'm referring to all speed ovens, not just this KBusch.

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They are small, for any number of unknown reasons, but ONE that is definitely true is that effective power falls off sharply as a function of distance in microwaves. Double the distance the electrons must travel to the chow and you have to quadruple the power to get the same amount of heating.

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Ironic since the GE Advantium, typically listed as one of the better speed ovens - particularly wrt the microwaving function - also has (I think) the largest cavity size!

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The kuppersbush allows you to increase microwave power to accomodate what you are cooking and new retail is $1529.00

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Did anyone end up buying a Kuppersbusch Combi Speed Oven?
I would really appreciate feedback, as they still sell the EMWK 1050.1E in Canada and my cabinet needs a 24" model. The price is about half that of a Miele Speed Oven, so wondering how the Kuppersbusch Combi actually performs.
Thanks for input.

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