Hallowen Table

phonegirlOctober 29, 2011

Here's our Halloween table setting this year for the little spooksters.

I picked up the pumpkin with the crow attached from a friend at her ys. It fit in my birdcage.Yeah! The purple shredded paper/twig stuff came around a box of some cologne. I had saved it, so started with adding it to the bottom of the cage for some color. Then the pumpkin looked bald so gave him a hair do with it! Added a few green skulls, DGD's candy corn necklace, skull garland and a spider on the top.(cp done)

Most of this table came from Target clearance or ys. I used the orange votive tree in one of the bathrooms last year. The purple votive candle holder w/spiders is from Party Lite. I picked it up at a ys this summer. The large plates are by The Main Ingredients Pantry-ware I picked up at GW .99 ea. I liked the basket weave with the black edge on them. Can see getting alot of use out of these on my tables or maybe I'm trying to justify buying them.LOL

Hope you enjoy another Halloween table. Will share my buffet behind it in another post.


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Marlene Kindred

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Love the green skeleton heads on the birdcage! Your plates are really pretty too and everything else...so much to look at!

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Those spooky tree candleholders are just too darn cute--what expressions! Love the witches boots too. What luck that the pumpkin/crow fit in your cage, that made a great centerpiece. Neat plates, votive holders, heck just all of it turned out great. Can't wait for close ups of the buffet too. ;o) Luvs

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Love the bird cage.
Love the plates.
Love the green pumpkins.
Love the witch shoes.
Oh yeah...I love all of it.
This table is too darn cute!!

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Oh goodness , where to start!
LOVE the birdcage CP. The pumpkins hair made me lol , and the bird on his head just tops it off. Creativity in mass quantity my dear!!
The perfect tablecloth , the fun pumpkin candle , the spooky tree candle holders are perfect and all topped off by some very fun plates (and I LIKE the basketweave plates so you're justified, lol) . Job well done!!

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Marlene, the skeleton heads were part of the lit up monster that belongs outside but I took them off and added them on the birdcage, then hung the rest on the wall. Glad you liked them. I do put alot to look at on my tables sweety and I appreciate you always being here to comment on my posts. Thanks again.

Luvs, I found those trees at a ys this summer and thought the expressions were pretty cute and the price was right. I'll try to get pictures of the buffet posted tomorrow.

I worked on redecorating one of my china hutches for fall so may take pictures and share them too. I'm pretty sure DGD will be here soon to spend the night. Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and always being here too.

Nana, thanks so much for all the sweet comments. Did you get an Oct. BDay table set and I missed it or is the best yet to come?

MM, I swear this is why we do so many crazy things on here. Someone always likes it! Whew, should I go shopping and buy some more plates cuz I know I will use them too.LOL Thanks, your so fun.

This is such a feel good place to come. Your all the best!!!


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Holy moley! What great table! I love it all! You done good gal!

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Punk..what a FUN table!
You have so many great Halloween table decorations.
Love the Birdcage with the cute Jack inside....too funny, giving him a 'hair doo'!
The spiderweb candleholder is realy neat and the witch's shoes.
Cute - Cute dishes (nice layering) and the spiderweb glasses and candles are the perfect addition.
Did your DGD get to see this? I'm sure she'd think it was such fun and real cool!


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How fun!!
That must have been a BIG box of perfume, cause your Jack has one major purple Fro!!LOL
Great layering and choice of colors.
You have some really cute Halloween decorations and I think I spy some cool purple witch shoes in the background??


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Now how could I not love a pumpkin with a purple afro! LOL
You think of the darndest things that make me grin.

Those green skulls, and green pumpkins, are really neat too. And you know I love witch shoes (or any witchy stuff). But it was the spider candles that really got my attention, those are great!!
You always have so many neat things to see on your tables,
and I have to keep going back to look to take it all in!
Which is great, since I'm so obsessed with seeing holiday decorations. Lots of eye candy in your pictures!

As for justifying buying dishes....LOL, you sure don't have to do that here with the Enablers R Us. "Saw it, wanted it, got it"....that's our motto.

hugs, Karen

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Kath, glad you liked this table.

Jane, DGD was excited when she seen this table. She told her DM that "Nana really went all out decorating for Halloween." I'm glad cuz one day all this stuff will be hers.LOL

Candy, the box held two bottles. This stuff just really fluffed up nicely. You noticed those boots huh?

Karen, glad you like the spider candle holders. DD is wonderful and always looks out for her DM. She use to head home Fri. night and her first stop was Target to check out all the clearance. To bad she doesn't get to go to that home much now.

Sweet BOO house. That is so cute.

Thanks ladies for all the comments. I'm going to get in the shower and then decide what's for lunch for all of us.


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Oh WOW, punk! First off, I'm glad you have a DD & DGD ...they must be such 'motivators!' (well, your DD may be classified as an 'Enabler' ...tee hee)

Your CANDYSHOT tells the whole Halloween tale ....
~~those stacked placesettings/linens/flatware with all their textures & color...love the Haunted House plates!

~~That big birdcage w/all the added glamour! Ouuu...la...lah! And then that big boot plate in front w/co-oridinating colors!!!

~~~candlelight ...always you create your 'scapes w/candles...love it! And what candleholders...of course, I am love w/the tree one with orange votives ...but those spiderweb ones! Gosh, so cool! 

A real winner here, punk! HAPPY HALLOWEEN & enjoy your 'trick n' treaters!' TFS! Jeanne S. 
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