See through fireplace

hankster44May 2, 2012

We are building a new home and are very interested in a see through gas fireplace. I have done some research and have narrowed the choices to Napolean HD81 and Heat-n-Glo Escape.

The problem for me is I can't find any reviews or comparisons to make a smart choice of which one of these is better than the other. I am hoping someone here has seen or owned one and can give this Northern New York good advice.

I am also looking for some competive prices so to lessen the cost. I have posted this in the fireplace section but no responses.

Thank you in advance

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We put the Lennox Montebello in our new build. It's a see through fireplace that can be used in the interior or on an exterior wall. We placed it in our family room on an exterior wall so you can "see through" to outside. We hope to get our CofO and move in next week, so I have not used it yet. But it is stunning. I will try and post a pix this weekend.

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I'm considering the montebello see through for my own upcoming build so please, tell me everything about your experience with yours! Planning to use it in the same type of application, Indoor/outdoor.

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We have the Heat N Glo Escape in our lower level family room, and it can also be seen from our screened porch. We haven't moved in yet, hopefully at the end of this month, so I can't speak as to use but it looks very nice and our builder didn't seem to have any problems installing it.

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We are also considering a see through fireplace from the great room to the screened in porch. I would love to hear from someone who has this installed and speak of energy efficiancy and use. Thanks.

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We currently have several see through fireplaces and love them (dining room, master bed/bath - but all indoor/indoor). In designing our new home, we wanted a see through in our master bed to our master deck and great room to main entertaining, love the look but our builder and architect talked us out of it due to energy concerns. I hope we don't regret it but with an almost all glass house, we are already fighting energy efficiency concerns so gave it up.

Would love to hear from those that have them and if it is a real concern.

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Expecting the same lashback from my builder/architect on the indoor/outdoor implementation. Havn't gotten to the point in the build where we're really talking about these choices but the look on the builders face when I first suggested it wasn't pretty. Its an energy star home and very geared towards efficiency and he's convinced its a bad idea based on that. However looking into models that were designed for just this application, like the Montebello, I would *think* it wouldn't be like having an open window in our home but who knows.

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