Refrigerator analysis paralysis! Help!

acgummadMay 1, 2013

OK, so here goes my battle.

We have designed a rustic Spanish kitchen inside our Spanish colonial house, complete with dark cabinetry, open shelving, copper sinks, all furniture style, with no shard of stainless steel. Anywhere.

My husband is in love with a 42" integrated panel-covered fridge. There are about three brands available and the prices start at $8500, plus our estimate of nearly $2K to panel it. Plus tax and installation, we will have a fridge that cost more than some people's cars. It just seems ludicrous to me. I can hear my mother saying 'just because you have it, doesn't mean you should spend it!!'

Meanwhile, my alternative is a cabinet-depth refridgerator, that I believe would look silly paneled, in which case I'd wind up with a sticky-outty stainless steel fridge - a modern-looking beast of an appliance in my rustic, furniture style Spanish kitchen.

I am in a pickle with this one!

About the only benefit I can come up with, with having an integrated, paneled fridge is that it offers true beauty in design. Functionally, it will never perform any differently than my alternative. I am feeling sick over the thought of spending $11K on a fridge that offers me nothing more than design and aesthetic benefits.

What should I do!!!

Any considerations you all can think of that may help inform my thinking on this subject is much appreciated.

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If you can cut down on width from 48", the 36" Integrated Jenn Air Pro is available for paneling and you could pick your own handle. Nice refrigerator, would have purchased it if not for height restriction. GL.

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liebherr offers nice integrated models. Had I not found a Sub Zero floor model, that was my plan.

36" single unit:

Two 24" units, side by side:

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Two grand for custom paneling sounds steep.

You can go bargain hunting.

At this scratch n dent you can get 42" Dacor(made by Whirlpool) custom panel fridge for $4.5k with free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I can understand your concern about the cost---that is more than we are spending on all of our appliances. OTOH, you have an upscale kitchen and the refrigerator should complement the rest of the functionality and design in your kitchen. When considering the other costs of updating your kitchen, is the refrigerator reallly that out-of-line? If it is within your budget and is the best fit for your lovely kitchen, then why not get it?

Of course, there have been suggestions of possible options that would involve less money, and I think we all like to save money. Just be sure you're not ''settling'' for something less than you envisioned. Remember, you will hopefully be working in the kitchen with that refrigerator for some time and want something that is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

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