Should shower tile go all the way up?

skubaJune 14, 2013

I know I have posted this message before, but it got highjacked by another poster and went completely of track.

Given that we won't tile the wall behind the toilet, would you stop shower wall tile at curtain rod level or do all the way up. Architect had it going all the way up but I am not sure about having just part of the wall with tiles when the shower curtain is closed, which is 95% of the time.

I made this mockups. What do you think?

Thanks so much

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In general, I am a fan of "going all the way up", whether it be cabinets, or tile.

In your case, however, I think the second mock-up looks better and your instinct about it looking a teensy bit stange to have that tile above the curtain (and nowhere else) is correct.

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Since you are putting up crown moulding I would stop it at the lower point on the wall.

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I'm generally a fan of the lower stop on tub/shower combos, but I actually like it going all the way up in your mock-up.

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I'd do it behind the toilet. (MUCH easier to clean off the overspray.) and take it all the way up.

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Since you're doing crown, I would stop. I like that mock-up best.

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We stopped... we had other issues to deal with, and an odd layout, but I think I now prefer it over taking it to the ceiling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our DIY bathroom.

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