please help me review my floorplan

sunnyyellowMay 2, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I love this site and I've learned so much here that I want to hear your opinions about our soon to be new house! :-)

I'm so exited that we finally have our floorplan finished! We like it a lot and we're very happy with how the designer and architect have worked with us. However, there are a couple things that I would like to improve, if possible. We are a young couple with 2 kids: 7 and 5 y/o.

Things I need you to help me review:

1.The mudroom area. I technically got what I wanted, which was space for cubies, a sink and a broom closet, but it all seems so cramped in I'm not sure it will be functional enough.

2. The laundry room. I just want to make sure I'll have enough space for a wall mounted ironing board cabinet, a full size steamer and counter space for folding and space underneath it to line up two rows of three laundry baskets. I originally wanted at least 6 feet of counter space....not happening... :-(

3. The staircase. Now, please tell me if I'm being a little crazy about this... I always envisioned coming up and down the second floor through the right side, the side next to the great room. Not till yesterday did I realize it's drawn the opposite way! For some strange reason this feels unnatural and weird.... why? am I being nuts? please tell me if so... lol

The house is 3,626 sf and that's already pushing the limits, so increasing the size is not an option....

thanks in advance! :-)

first floor

second floor

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Your links go to extremely tiny pictures - probably thumbnail versions. You will need a link to larger pictures to get any feedback.

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Thank you aa62579, here goes another attempt:

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Still not working. DO you have the pictures set as public?

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Still can't see the pictures.

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