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athensmomof3May 9, 2012

Not sure if you are still looking at mortars but we are winding up and had the hearth put on our outdoor fieldstone fireplace. They used gray mortar. It looks awful. They are going to take it out and replace the mortar, but in this discussion my builder suggested light buff mortar. I had never heard of it but it seems like what you are looking for - darker than ivory buff and lighter than buff.

Hope this helps.

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Hi there. So sorry to hear your project didn't work out the first time. I'm with you on not liking gray mortar. We are still on the search for mortar, though at least now we have the brick chosen. I'll mention the light buff to the mason and have a mock wall built with that when we get closer. thanks for the info. P.S. I went with the brick you happened to like most, which I believe was used at your alma mater.

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I do love that brick.

This is the zillionth redo on things throughout the build but my builder is insistent on getting it right. It is a stacked stone fieldstone fireplace so no visible mortar but they used the fire rated mortar (which is gray) to put the stone up and just used it on the hearth as well (which is 3 pieces of fieldstone with a chipped edge) - so it is just the two joints in the hearth and what is behind the hearth. Apparently an easy fix though - they just chip it out and replace it. They do have to replace the center piece because it is not the same color as the other two . . . and just redid our steps into our house from the garage because they didn't do them the way my builder wanted them. These masons have been busy!!!

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