It's (Girls) Kick Butt Day

oldalgebraOctober 11, 2010

OK, Karen. How's this for a little celebration of what girls can accomplish?

I even found polka dot napkins in my red and pink box. Must have been the last ones on the sale shelf,

as I only have two.

Had never used them. Still had the stickers on them.

The dollies belonged to my daughter. Now they belong to my granddaughters.

(Although Miss Goosebumps never really played with them.)

I always loved their little bottoms.

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Okay, I think you get the most creative table, for the month at least. The dolls are too cute and the dishes aren't to shabby either. That pitcher/gravey boat is beautiful. Of course I'm all about the pink lights and little pink boot vase too. This was a nice contrast to all our fall decorations.

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Ahhh, OA, this table DOES "kick butt!" So darn FUNNY, COOL & CUTE! Ahhh, the Cabbage Patch dollies...blondie there certainly is making her point! Love the pink & red combo of dishes, accessories & those lights & flowers! Mostly FUN things on the "to-do list"...your GDs will appreciate that! Fun, fun table, OA! Thanks for laughs! Jeanne S.

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OA where do you find the time & you still have Cabbage Patch dolls around!! The table is adorable.

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That is adorable! The butt "cracked" me up! :)

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Oh my goodness! You are just too funny, OA. What a fun table, made me "snort laughter" when I realized the one doll was bent over like that! LOL I can barely stop laughing long enough to tell you that I like the pink lights and the pretty dishes--great that you had those napkins on hand for this. Luvs

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Glad you gals got a chuckle out of it. I was too busy around Guardian Angel Day to do anything, but I wanted to contribute something covering the list Karen gave us. Turns out, this was the perfect day to do something like this, as our school district had a teacher in-service day and I had to watch the girls while my daughter went off to work.

I remembered that my grandchildren had inherited their mother's dollies and ask my daughter to bring them by. They've been hiding in the back bedroom until today. I just sort of pulled out girlie things until I had a table. Mostly found stuff in the Valentine Dishes. The pink boot is a Cabbage Patch boot. There was only one in the clothes pile that the dollies arrived in, so I turned it into a vase.

I can't say that the expression "Kick Butt" is one of my favorite, but I have to admit that this was sort of fun to throw together.

Again, thanks for the comments.

P.S. If you google "girls kick butt" a naughty site comes up at the top of the list. And, NO, I didn't linger. I got right out of there.

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OA...this is such a cute table and I'm still smiling as I write! I agree you are so darn creative and all your tables are always fun to see.
Until I saw the close up shot of the two little cheeks, I didn't realize exactly what she was kicking!
Love the 'Kick Butt' list..every little girl should have one! All your pretty dishes and accessories are just perfect too.


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I'm not sure I can wipe the grin off my face the rest of the evening. This is a hoot! You absolutely, hands-down,
are the most creative tablescaper when it comes to unique and fun ideas. You always make me smile, or laugh, at what you can put together. I stay amazed for that matter.

I LOVE it, and I sure needed a lift tonight. The Fibro is definitely "kicking butt" at my house. (oh, thanks for the warning not to google girls kick butt. LOL.)

So far I've missed doing a table and feel rotten about it since I supplied the Oct list. I'm really sorry and will try hard to get at least one in.

OA, thank you for a great 'day brightner'. Its terrific.
hugs, Karen

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OA, this is the cutest table ever!!! Your so right on with this one. I'm going to have to show this to DD and DGD. They both have a few Cabbage Patch Dolls and LOVE them. Love your colors on this, lights, polka dot napkins and EVERYTHNG!

U R a Kick in the Butt!!!



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OA, what an adorable and creative table! My youngest daughter still has two of her Cabbage Patch dolls and I can't wait to show this to her when she gets in from school this afternoon.

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OA.. What a fun table, The Cabbage Patch Dolls are just perfect for your arrangement. [The first year they came out there was a riot at a store in my area by people wanting one!!!] The pink lights, plates with the hearts and polka dot napkins are just right. I love that Kick Butt List!!


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