Crown molding bumping to window trim. What to do?

skubaJune 14, 2013

Hi, we are putting crown molding on the new bathroom, but just noticed our window is quite high. How to solve for the area where the crown bumps into the window trim?

Cut a slit of the crown and put over window? Will it work in terms of looks?

See picture. (BTW this is the old bathroom)


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You could change out all the window trim to flat trim and then run the crown moulding over the flat trim, bumping it out around the top of the window.

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How large is your crown going to be? Will it be much larger than the trim around the top of the window? If possible, I'd try to incorporate it so it blends into the crown. Like the third and last picture at this link:

If there isn't enough room to do that, then you might just have to end the crown on either side of the window. I think it's called a return.

If you are hanging window treatments, you might also build out a valance over the window that integrates with the crown. I couldn't find a link directly to a picture, but on this page there is one about half way down on the right.

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I haven't picked yet cause I was waiting for the feedback. But I was thinking 3 1/4 or 4 1/4 and not too elaborate in terms of ridges and steps. GC said he could cut a slit and go over the window trim. I am just not sure if it would look good. Or maybe better completely replace window trim to a more basic one. Or a thinner one so there is space for crown above it. But the window is pretty high.


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