10 ft vs 9 ft basement?

gaonmymindMay 12, 2012

Would these ceiling heights make a difference to you?

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Not in a basement. We have 9' in the basement and it feels fine to me.

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Same here. 9' finished ceiling in the lower level.

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I would pay for 8' to 9' but not 9' to 10'.

If you are doing forced air, then perhaps 10' makes sense to end up with 9' clear after all drops are framed in.

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I know some do a 12 in the basement. We have 10 with a tray in 1 room for ductwork. Basements tend to be like caves and the higher ceilings really help.

This of course is in a walkout situation where you can have large windows with the taller ceilings. If you are talking traditional, I suppose it matters less.

Basements tend to be larger open areas which fit better with tall ceilings.

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We have somewhere in between, finished height. I think it is 9'8" They feel great. There is an area where we had to lower the ceiling to 9' to fit in ductwork (we didn't want to tray out the ceiling in one room and the solution was to lower the ceiling in the half bath and hallway outside the guest room). They don't feel as open, but maybe that is because they aren't ;)

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A builder I know did a nearly 11 foot high basement in his own home. Since it's virtually all below grade with no walkups or walkouts, and just small windows at the top, it feels like being trapped in a well. In a fire, you will be trapped. Nine foot clear is plenty. Work with the HVC designer to minimize return intrusions.

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I guess the other consideration is building height restrictions. Where I am, 29' is the maximum allowed so basements/cellars tend to be pretty deep if on a level lot.

As worthy mentioned, it can tend to feel pretty cave-like if your windows are high and small.

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Our basement is walkout on the entire rear and right side. Every room other than storage you cna walk out to the yard. So there will be plenty of light.

Not sure if it worth the extra expense to deepen it or not. It's about 6k to do it. While that is not alot of money by any means...it's still money. I am trying to reserve as much as possible for extras I may want as we build. Which I know I will want. But many of those things will be cosmetic...not structural. Moldings, light fixtures and such. I am also toying with making the house all brick again. That will cost about 20k. That is money that could be spent on that.

What would give me higher resale? I guess it would be in the eye of the beholder.

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