New Trift Store Finds

excessfroufrouOctober 27, 2010

Here are a few of my latest bargains. The gold placemats were 4 for $2.00 and I got the gold bottle with my bottle tree in mind. For some reason I find it hard to pass up ceramic birdhouses. I was proud of the turkey napkin rings for a quarter each, then DH stopped a GS and bought the six cardinal ones by Lefton for $1.00. He is a sweetie. The ceramic chocolate bunny was fifty cents.


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Marlene Kindred had a successful trip! Love the turkey napkin rings and the cardinals! Beautiful! Your yellow bottle will look great on your bottle tree and the bunny is cool too! Lots of new treasures to find a use for! TFS!

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Great finds, Frou! I especially love both of your napkin ring sets . . . and those gold placemats.

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Frou...nice bargains. You really trained DH well..those Lefton Napkin Rings were a steal!
You'll get lots of mileage from those placemats and Turkey napkin rings, especially now with Fall and Thanksgiving scapes. I think that cermamic birdhouse is a pretty one.
You've got me curious on the 'Gold Bottle Tree'.
Make sure you give us a heads up when you show it off.


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Ohhh, I like everything, frou! Those turkey napkin rings are very cute & what a bargain $$$! Those choc, I couldn't walk by those every day! Cravings! Cardinal rings are really pretty, too. I'd say you & DH did GREAT! TFS! Jeanne S.

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My fav is the ceramic chocolate bunny! how cute!!! But the best is that your DH went and bought you sweet little things. :)

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You did very well. And to think that you'll be able to use both sets of napkin rings very soon. I really want one of those chocolate bunnies. I about went crazy looking for one last Easter, but by the time I started looking, you couldn't find them at the regular price, let alone at a discount.

Like the placemats too.

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Great finds, Frou. Love the turkey napkin rings, and know Karen will drool over the cardinal ones since those are another of her favorite things! Nice placemats at such a great price, and that bunny looks "delicious"--or maybe I'm just wishing I had some chocolate! (I will NOT break open the bags of Halloween candy, I will NOT break open the bags of Halloween candy, I will NOT----) LOL


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Very nice score on everything, Frou! And that gold bottle will be really neat out in the sunlight. Unusual shape, I like that.
You sure have a good DH to bring you a 'prize' like those Cardinal napkin rings! Give him an extra hug or two!

hugs, Karen
and LUVS will NOT break open the H. candy bags!!

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Couldn't help laughing: I've had that same birdhouse for years! So what does it mean when people are buying the same stuff you have at thrift stores? Oh yeah, it means we both have great taste!!!!

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Karen, DH is really a sweetie. It seems after all these years, the junkin addiction rubbed off on him. When we go junkin we compete to see who can find the best deals on things for DS's mid-century modern store. Jane, my bottle tree is in my backyard, I just redid it and put lights on it, I'll try to get a pic for you. Luvs, it is too late DH and I broke out the Halloween candy last night, I waited till then to buy it. We have so many trick-or-treaters, I bought over twenty pounds.

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LOL, Rafor, I like your thinking! I'd much rather think it was a sign of 'great taste' when that happens.
I often see stuff in the antique mall that I had as a kid,
and now it makes me feel OLD. I use to just see things my grandmother had, or my Mom. Kinda deflating to find myself there now. Wonder if the 'great taste' thing would work there too. LOL.

Frou, wish your DH gave lessons. If mine somehow noticed a yard sale (which is unlikely with Mr Oblivious), he'd just assume all the stuff was in the yard cause folks were moving. sigh.

hugs, Karen

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Aren't thrift stores great? I love your new things can't wait to see how you use them. The gold bottle will look wonderful on your bottle tree. I'm sure you can use the place mats on many different tablescapes. It was nice of your DH to get you those napkin rings.My DH would point things out to me he thought I would like LOL.

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Frou, wonderful items you and DH found. The turkey and cardinal napkin rings and are so neat. Those gold placemats are so pretty. I'm never lucky enought to come across bunnies but I sure like your choc. one you found.

You found a cute birdhouse and funny that Rafor has one just like it. Yep, you both have great taste! I want to see your bottle tree too. I've never seen a gold bottle like the one you found. So happy for you and all your treasures.


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I bought 8 like new hardback books at Goodwill today. Yeah, like I needed more books. Can't resist them at $2. each.

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Great finds, love both of the napkin rings!

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Great finds! I think it is fab that your DH finds items for you. Mine hates treasure shopping and always asks me "don't you have enough junk already?"
I am continuously finding identical items to ones I own at the thrift stores. Imagine that!! Other people think stuff I have is junk!! Go figure, LOL.


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love both sets of napkin rings - I have never used them but you guys are convincing me to start looking for some. The ceramic birdhouse is just darling. I just love a husband that will thrift shop ;) - mine will stop off at the SA when he is down that way and knows what to buy .....


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