I need a shorter than normal dishwasher

mizmomMay 12, 2010

Does anyone know if there is a full size dishwasher that is 33" to 33 1/2" in height? I know I have seen this discussion in the past but can't seem to find it now. Because of our tile flooring installation, I have limited cabinet height but width can still be standard 24". Most specs I see are 33 15/16" or 34" height. Our old dishwasher was crammed into the shorter space after the flooring was installed but I don't really want to do that to a new dishwasher. The 10 year old Maytag we have now is in need of replacing.

Thank you to anyone with some suggestions.

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Miele G 2000 series are the shortest talltubs available.
The minimum height is 33 1/4 watch here G 2000 dimensions

Otherwise every G 1000 miele model is even shorter (non tall tub) with a 31 3/4 minimum height G 1000 non tall tub dimensions or Bosch models named as "special application" like this one that is 31 3/4 high too, as every standard dishwasher sold in Europe.

31 3/4 is the standard height in Europe for built in / undercounter appliances (washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, undercounter fridges) because 33 1/2 has been the standard height of worktops/countertops for decades. Since round 15 years kitchen countertops are higher, so talltub dishwashers would fit easily ..... but you know ... people are hard to loose their habits and make up that a higher dishwasher has more place inside, go figure the "special applications" here are tall tubs
So manufacturers produce tall tubs mostly for the north American market, while non tall tubs rarely leave europe

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There are a few Maytags (but not most of them) that are slightly shorter down to 33 1/2. I had a similar problem a few years ago with tile flooring and tile counters added that had made the opening slightly too short for most dishwashers. (The AJ Madison website lets you filter by height to narrow down which ones.)

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Asko ADA DW's are 32 1/4. Miele and Fisher Paykal drawers will also work.

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This model meets your height requirements but is not available on the market at this time.

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Mojavean--I had a similar model a few years back, did a nice job but leaked a little....


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GE makes an 18" wide one that is 32 inches tall.

GE Profile 18" Built-In Dishwasher
Model#: PDW1800NII
32 in x 24 in x 18 in

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We had the same issue several years back. We found a Kitchen Aid that was short enough. Asko was my fall back if it hadn't worked. Read the spec sheets on each model...that will tell you the exact shortest dimension possible.

When we have our new countertops installed, we are probably going to have them shimmed up 1/4" so we will be able to get the DW out with a little more ease when it ocmes time to replace it.

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Yes Mojavean,
those models always come without Waterstop ;).... but after all, there's no Miele, no Gaggenau no Hobart : these little DWs are actually our life and our future :)

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I had a few like that back in the 70's. Today they have their own just like I did!

they're not very tall to start out - but they grow!

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Mojavean..... soooo adorable! But I have also found they are not as reliable for day to day operation and are a little rough on glassware.

Thank you to everyone for all your good suggestions!

WWU...I had not been familiar with the AJ Madison website and it looks helpful but I could not get it to filter by height....only width and depth. Am I doing something wrong?

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Home Depot and Sears carry a GE dishwasher that is 32 3/4" high. It's considered ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act. They are around $500-600. For some reason, even though it's height is the only difference in size, the racks seem to be not as deep as normal ones. The noise level is considered "in the middle".

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