Hubby's Birthday Table

oldalgebraOctober 6, 2010

Tonight we're having corn chowder, breaded baked chicken, green salad and garlic toast.

Bought four of the leaf plates from Pottery Barn last year when they dipped in price, but . . .

I don't see them this year, so it looks like I won't be adding to the collection.

Got the chargers on Ebay for a song. One had a little frayed place on the edge that was easy to fix

with a glue gun.

The duck decoy belonged to my father.

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Happy Birthday to DH! Sounds like a yummie menu. Your table is really cool. I love your table, lanterns and duck make it so manly. The placemats and leaf plates give it just the right fall touch.

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Happy Birthday to your DH. Clam chowder sounds so good especially now that our weather is rainy and cool, huh? I love the fabric colors in your placemats and napkins. And the decoy goes great with those lanterns and the wreath and vines tie them together perfectly. Sorry about there not being more plates available. I like the woven chargers, they work so well for all seasons. Hope you had a nice evening together. Luvs

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What a wonderful Autumn birthday table, OA . . . ahhhhh! It's very pretty , Fall-ish and cozy and your menu sounded great! Happy Belated Birthday to your DH!
BTW, what is that vine or whatever that you've used? I love it!

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Another wonderful table!! Your tables are always so well thought out and beautifully put together.
The colors are perfect for fall, and the menu sounds absolutely yummy!
I really love your "endpiece" with the lanterns and your heirloom decoy.
Hope you and DH had a wonderful evening.


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What a handsome Table. The colors, the decoy and the lanterns are just perfect. Wish your DH a Happy Birthday.

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Ohhh, this is such a pretty table, OA! I do love the ebay charger finds...they look like almost a "rope-like" media..very "Fallish!" Green leaves are beautiful on the dinner plate & the charger & blend in so nicely with the stemware.

Amazing centerpc the black metal lanterns & I guess we may be on the same wavelength cause I just bought the taller one for my DD for her b'day gift a few wks ago...with a beautiful "sandlewood" candle...great minds think alike, uh? LOL! And that precious decoy of your Dad's is perfect for this b'day table along with the vines & wreath! Love everything! TFS! Jeanne S. ...oh, happy b'day to DH!

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That's a table after my own heart! Unlike a lot of you gals, I love orange and brown, and all autumn colors. And I love plaid.

I think your hunter green tablecloth sets the perfect background for this wonderful table. I'd love to have leaf plates like that. The vines, the lantern, the decoy--it's just perfect!

- Magpie

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Pretty table, the duck decoy fits in perfectly, did you paint it or was it that nice dark fall color?

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Happy Birthday DH !
I love the colors you chose for this table.
With your plates, chargers and pretty stems it's a perfect fall setting. The colors in your placemats match perfectly with everything, and I like how you tied up your napkins too

I LOVE how you arranged your Dad's decoy using the
wreath and vines. He looks like he's right at home.
The lanterns look great. and are perfect for this setting.
Seems we all thought of those lanterns this year and yours look wonderful together.
Oh...not to forget..your meal sounds so delicious.
Hope DH enjoyed everything.

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Another wonderful setting (and Happy Birthday to DH)!
Hunter green is a favorite color of mine, so I really love the tablecloth and how well it sets off the other colors.
The lanterns and duck are such a neat centerpiece!

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful table, OA!!! I love the leaf plates and chargers!!! Hope your DH had a great birthday. :)

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That looks beautiful, OA! Love those colors, and I see our Pottery Barn lanterns? I didn't see those plates at the outlet this year yet either.
Happy BD to DH. Dinner sounds great and tastes better at such a pretty table!

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Beautiful table ( I have one of those leaf plates on my coffee table :^)and I love the duck!!
Happy birthday to your DH and many blessings for his new year!

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OA. what a neat birthday table/ :love your lanterns, and the decoy is priceless. Does it seem to anyone else that all our tastes seem to run in the same direction? I have always loved lanterns, and decoys. Are the vines for real from your garden or faux, which ever , they are just the perfect finishing touch. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to DH! How could it not be great with such a nice dinner served on such a pretty table. Janet

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