Non-touchpad Viking wall ovens - any problems?

burntfingersMay 16, 2011

I'm deciding between the 30" American Range electric double wall oven and the Viking VEDO 5302 Professional Premier double wall ovens (dials, no touchpad controls). I do a lot of baking (mostly breads but also pastries) and these are the only 30" electrics I've found that can hold large sheet pans.

I've read so many posts saying to avoid Viking because they have a lot of problems, but I've also read that most of the problems seem to be with the electronic controls.

Does anyone have either the AR or the VEDO 5302? What has your experience been? Opinions?

Thanks for your help...

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Touchpad isn't the issue. I'd check into the way the thermostat controls the heat.

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Thanks rococogurl, I just read Pllog's post on that very subject before checking here. Yikes! What's a baker to do??

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What rhome finally did. Wolf.

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My wife hasn't had any problems with her Viking single wall oven, except that the labeling (mode, temperature, etc) which was stenciled on has largely worn off. Not that heavily used, either. I think she bakes more in her gas range, but she does cakes and cookies professionally and uses both when she is busy.

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Thanks, Attofarad. I'm also planning to use my ovens professionally (bread), so it's good to hear that your wife hasn't had problems other than the apparently shoddy labeling. (Wow.) Would you mind telling me which model she/you has/have?

Rococogurl - unfortunately, the Wolfs won't work for me. I need to be able to use commercial size sheet pans, and the rack-holders Wolf now uses take up too much room. The 30" ovens have really small interiors.

Anyone else? Please?? *Someone* must have one of these ovens.....

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I just bought this double wall oven, with the black knobs and round analog clock. It's been in about a month now. So far we love baking in it, but just yesterday noticed that the glass covering the upper heating element is totally cracked. Don't know how it happened. Viking is coming out to replace it in two weeks (repairman is on vacation next week).

Love the look of it, but one thing that bothered me right away was the clock: it makes a very, very high pitched buzzing sound. Except when the digital timer is on, then no buzz. Viking is going to replace the clock, but I'm afraid it might just be the design.

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Most electric wall ovens aren't designed to hold commercial-size sheet pans. Larger range ovens do, of course.

You might check out the American Range French-door oven but not sure that will hold a commercials-size pan either.

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Cbad, thanks for that! It is worrisome that two things have gone wierd within the first month, but at least it sounds like it functions otherwise... Did you notice the buzzing from the first, or do you think something went wrong over time? Did Viking put up a fuss when you said the clock needed replacing? Please let us know how the new clock sounds!

Rococo, I love the AR wall oven (see above -- it is the Viking's competition) and yes, it does hold a full sheet pan!

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We have the Viking Designer Series double wall ovens (model #ded0275ss) - they are about 4 years old. Overall, we've been pretty happy with them. I love to bake and for the most part, haven't had any trouble. The ovens do seem to "cycle" the temp up and down a lot - was told this is normal for these ovens.

The thing I find inexcusable on ovens of this "quality"/price, is the lettering - it rubs off very easily. We don't use harsh chemicals to clean; in fact, you can just scrape the lettering off with a fingernail. I was in an appliance showroom recently and was told they are now etching the letters/numbers instead of screening them. So, I think this wouldn't be an issue for you if you're getting a new model (but I'd double check first!).

Bottom line - if I were to do it all over again, I probably would not buy the Viking. We're about to start our renovation, and will likely keep the ovens since they are relatively new and want to save $$ where we can. But the whole lettering thing just irritates me to no end!

HTH...good luck with your decision.

~ MadsMama

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VEDO5301SS is my model number. I got the Viking Double Oven about a year ago. It does cook evenly and comes to the right temp as I checked when I first got it. Letters haven't rubbed off yet which is a concern. What I don't like is it takes a long..... time to preheat and does not beep when done. You have to be careful not to put in before done preheating as top burner will burn your food. I have learned to check before putting in. I cannot complain at all of the performance in the actual baking, roasting ect.

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Bumping this to see if anyone can add to this discussion. I'd pretty much decided on the AR ovens (love those French doors), but learned this morning that the convection mode isn't true convection, just a fan in the back that circulates the air heated by the top and/or bottom elements.

So ... MollyMay, Cbad and MadsMomma, how do you feel about your ovens now, several months later? Does anyone else have experience with these ovens?


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bumpity bump. Anyone out there?

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