Miele vs. Electrolux wall ovens

icspotzMay 5, 2008

I'm struggling to come to a decision on a single wall oven. I've focused on the Miele MasterChef (H 4881 B) and the Electrolux (EW30EW55GB). The issues preventing me from selecting one or the other are:

1.) The Electrolux line being so new to the U.S. market that reliability data isn't available whereas Miele has a strong reputation for quality.

2.) I really LOVE the smooth glide racks of the Electrolux which, if I remember correctly, the Miele doesn't have.

I'd really appreciate hearing from Miele oven owners about their experience concerning this rack issue.

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Gosh, do you have "smooth glide" racks now? Are you gonna miss them? I'd think the sizeable price difference would be a larger factor. If you pull out your racks a lot and the smooth factor appeals to you then the Electrolux is prob. worth the risk. If like some people, you only pull out the racks to clean the oven then the point is moot.

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Thanks for your reply but I'm a little surprised that one would only pull out racks to clean the oven. I'm always pulling them out to baste and even to remove things I've baked so as not to burn myself by reaching in.

My current oven (a Frigidaire Gallery model) is a pain because the rack motion is so jerky that spillage is frequently a problem not to mention the frustration of struggling to pull out the rack enough to baste all of the dish.

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From what I understand, a single Miele oven would cost double what a single Electrolux Icon costs. Have you considered GE Monogram? It has rolling racks, a large interior, excellent cooking options and can be gotten for just a bit over the price of the Electrolux.
If you read this forum carefully, you will see that there are very many satisfied Monogram oven owners.

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I looked at the Monogram but they don't have the easy-glide racks in the black on black model for some reason.

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Since I dont baste, and normally use sheet pans I don't usually pull out my oven racks. Grab the pan lip and go. To each his own I guess.

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3 years ago I had the same dilemma and went w/miele master chef and the then brand new speedoven micro combo. After using for 3 years I wish I had gone w/the elctrolux. The mater chef is not intuitive to use and I still cant figure out how to set the timer for more than 59 minutes....I find myself wishing for the glide racks. I have had myriad issues w/the speedcook. Do a search and you will find my posts. The glass dish in the speedcook broke recently and it was $200 to replace..ouch

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Wrote a long message and lost it while checking the link worked. So edited version now.

We have an Electrolux 30 inch single wall oven mounted under counter. As such the roller racks are very important. The work great at rolling out and loading and unloading without having to dig into the oven if you know what I mean.

Had it in since TG last year. Has been working fine and cooks well. Used both convection and non on it. Cooked hams, yorkshires, cakes, cookies, chips, roast potatoes, nan and other stuff I can't remember. Good results on all for us. Happy that we purchased it and was more budget friendly than some others out there.

Electrolux is really only just putting the big push on the US market which last I saw was on the decline market wise. Either way they have invested a lot recently and I see now they are heavily advertising on the telly. Electrolux appliances have been around quite a while in Europe.

Picking at it the only things that we've found on it is the capacity is perhaps a bit tight. The rack design does not cover the full cavity. I believe this is for performance of the convection flow characteristic wise, but nothing to support that. We've not found it to be a real issue as we have a 36 range for anything we want to do in bulk or if we want to do a huge roast in the 36 and then can do the potatoes, yorkshires etc. in the Electrolux. Just have to work with what pans you are going to use. A half sheet pan goes in, but sideways. On the 36 of course you can fit two straight in on the same rack (full sheet capacity).

Actually we end up using the Electrolux more than the 36 as it heats faster so for day in day out quick oven cooking it gets the nod.

Ours has a glass door. The inner and outer glass have an airgap between that is open at the bottom. This can allow dust to get in between. Has not been a real issue, but we have had some get in here and there as it is mounted so low.

When installed the temp was a bit low compared to number set at. In the instructions it shows how to easily adjust.

Cooling fan is not noisy, but does run on a while after the oven is off. Not really and issue, but you do get a rush of air blowing on you as you walk by.

That is really about it. We are happy with it and glad we bought it.

One word on the racks. Be sure your installer mounts the oven level and takes the time to get it right. One showroom we looked at the oven in had the oven tipped a bit forward. When you open the door the racks would drift out. On the other hand, if the oven was installed down at the back then your racks would be floating back in when you pull them out. Ours is bang on and works well. Nice to have and super handy. The rollers work smooth with a sheet of cookies to a 13 pound ham we just cooked in it. No problems.

I've linked a picture of the one we have just so you can compare as I don't remember what model number it is. Please excuse the kitchen in process pictures as not taken any since then. Kitchen isn't one of these palace ones that are often on here, but works great for us for being so small and that we really cook in it constantly.

Best of luck with your decision and hope that helps a bit at least.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you so much for your responses! They were very helpful.

I have decided to purchase the Electrolux. It really does seem to have a lot of great features for a more reasonable price than the Miele.

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ICSPOTZ, how do you like your Electrolux oven?

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Hi Mominthedubc,

I don't have it yet. I'm waiting for the house to be built around it first! ;-) I'll definitely post again once I've had a chance to put it to the test.

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I have the Electrolux oven and so far love it. We had to install it in the opening size of the Dacor oven that I had and it fit it perfectly. If you set it for rapid preheat it beeps in 6 minutes. It is very precise on convection. Just a few degrees temperature swing. It has a little indicator that tells what element is on. To keep the oven at temp both the bottom and the top element come on at different times to avoid hot spots I guess. It is very responsive and everything that I had hoped the Dacor would be, but half the price. I did consider the Miele but this one had everything that I wanted in an oven. If the rotisserie is important by all means get the Miele. I posted earlier that the roll out racks only work on the upper 5 slots. The lowest slot will only work with the pull out rack. I am anxious bake some cookies to see how even it is. I'm just thrilled to have an oven that heats up.

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Wekick - What model Electrolux oven do you have? I am leaning towards the double ovens Model E30EW85EPS...I purposely did not pick the Perfect Turkey Model w/probe because of the vent issue w/dust and dirt...Altho I loved the look of that model the best. I am going w/Icon Professional Series...full glass doors. I hated the look of the the Designer Series. Believe there are only 3 models of Electrolux Double Wall Ovens out there...

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We just saw another model today of the Electrolux and it had 3 gliding racks, one was on the bottom. The vents were on the inside of the door which someone told me might be more problematic as compared to the vents on top, because you could spill something on the door and it could go in the vent, rather than just the question of dust getting in the vent.
The one with the vent on top of the door only had 2 gliding racks and it can't be moved to the bottom. The bottom rack also hit the door when being pulled out. Also, I think that I would want/need the gliding rack on the lowest rack, for something heavy that needs to be put on the bottom like a turkey. What do you all think?

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I have the model EW30EW55GS. The opening on the top of the door may allow dust but my husband seemed to think that the top panel would come off easily. If dust gets inside I may try compressed air spray first. I love the way it bakes so far. I made cheese bread and used convection bake with 3 trays at a time. Cheese browns quickly so is a good test on how evenly it bakes. I had each tray finish at about 1 minute intervals which worked perfectly and I added a fourth tray when taking the first one out. The E30EW85EPS model is being discontinued. They should give you a discounted price. The new model is E30EW85GPS and has more features I think. As far as the glide racks, I had planned to use the pull out and only one glide rack on the bottom because the Dacor that I had seemed so difficult to move the racks around. These are MUCH easier to move around so would use both glide racks. My only disappointment is that you cannot use the glide rack on the bottom slot which I do consider to be a major design flaw because that seems to me where you would use it the most. It does mention this in the use and care manual but I missed it. Having said that it does not seem that you would have trouble fitting a turkey on the rack in the next position but it does bug me that you can't use the lower rack. Overall I love the oven. I was betwixt and between the

Meile-I would have been happy with it too but would require the carpenter to come back and add a piece to the cabinet.

Wolf-had to have a 50 degree differential to change temp rapidly

Electrolux Icon new model-would require rework of cabinet

Electrolux Icon very steeply discounted but did not have the features of the regular Electolux

Someone asked about the timer On mine if you put in 90 minutes it converts to 1:30. It is in minutes and you can set up to 11 hours and 59 minutes.

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Wekick, thanks for the info. Glad to hear from someone who has this model (which we saw in the store). I am glad you agree that there is a design flaw with not having a glide on the bottom, that was bugging me. I assume you haven't had problems with your bottom rack scraping on the door when pulled out? That was another flaw I saw but didn't know if it was the way it was installed in the stores. However, someone mentioned it here as well, and they had it in their home. I really like these ovens and keep going back and forth with them and the Monogram. Thanks for your detailed input.

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They should have done themselves a favor and only had 5 slots and left the bottom one off-I think it's pretty useless but not sure that I will miss it either when I think about it. Since it's there, you feel like you should be able to use it(with the glide rack) but if it wasn't there, you probably wouldn't think about it. The glide rack in the 1st from bottom position blocks using it because the mechanism extends down. If I put the pull out rack in the bottom it does not hit the door in the extended position-clears maybe 1/4-1/2 inch. If you had a heavy dish on it that may change. When I pulled it out, I just pulled upward a little and it didn't hit the door. The thing that kept me from really looking at the Monogram was that I didn't like the lights and the fact that you couldn't turn them off while baking. I know that doesn't bother some at all, but it just bothered me that you didn't have the choice. You probably could not go wrong with either. It is funny how one small thing can bug you and it is great that there are so many choices(I think).

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I've ordered the electrolux icon. I believe when I visited teh one at the store and also from the instructions, you can use the gliding rack on the bottom on the icon. I read the instructions on the standard electrolux and it seems on this unit you can't. Perhap's it's just differentiation?


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I have the icon and it has a bottom sliding rack (3 sliding racks).
Personally I love the designer look much more. It also goes with our kitchenaid fridge as well(the handle).


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What is the feedback on the Miele vs Electrolux ovens in 2013 with newer models?

How do these two brands compare as to bread and baked goods?

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There are several more recent threads on this subject. I don't think much has changed in the past 5 years. FWIW, I strongly prefer the Electrolux over the Miele.

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I understand the cool "use" features of the Electrolux and very much appreciate it's lower cost---but what is most important for me is the quality of baking i.e. for breads, baked goods, browning evenness etc. Any oven can "bake" or heat things up---I want to make sure I'm getting the same fine baking quality as Miele if buying Electrolux.
Weigh in! Thank you all.

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You should do a search on Miele ovens. In the past few years there have been complaints about Miele ovens not reaching and/or maintaining temperature. I don't know if these problems ever got resolved.

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posted by diab123
I want to make sure I'm getting the same fine baking quality as Miele if buying Electrolux..

The hard thing would be to find someone who has baked in both to make a comparison and even if they did, it is such a subjective judgement and their opinion might not be the same as yours. Oddly there have been some complaints about Miele baking unevenly and I can't say if there have been any about the Electrolux but there probably have been somewhere. I do have a Wolf and Electrolux oven and do find the Wolf slightly more even, but it has the dual fans. This is only when they are loaded up. I did bake a three tiered cake(Dorie Greenspan's party cake), for the first time, for my GD's birthday and all the layers came out great in the Electrolux.

Have you baked with Miele and know what it does? Miele is a very different oven and has a lot more modes than the Electrolux does. It has the ability to manipulate the direction of the heat and fan speed in many more ways than the Electrolux, but requires that everything is working perfectly and you understand what the modes are and how to use them. If you are an artisan baker you might want that even with the learning curve.

Here are some of the threads about Miele. Many have written extensively and might not want to rewrite. I don't think that the models have changed that much over the last few years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele

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I have a GE Monogram, and I bought it precisely because it had the glide out racks. I love those racks! I do a lot of braising in a 13 qt Staub dutch oven, and by the time to add the weight of the pot + the actual food inside it's well over 20 lb. Being able to glide it in and out of the oven it great. But I didn't know that the glide out racks don't come with the black on black. One reason I chose GE over Elux is that the capacity is a bit bigger. I saw that one person didn't like the fact that you can't turn off the lights while baking, but I actually have the opposite pet peeve. I would like to be able to turn on the lights when the oven isn't on, so that I can see what's inside while I'm keeping it warm, but the lights only come on when the oven is on. So I guess in the end there are a lot of personal preferences and tradeoffs involved with whatever you purchase.

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We've had the Elux Wave-touch for a few months.

It seems to brown the top of items more on one side of the oven than the other. I've had it checked and the technician said the heat was the same on both sides. This happens on a regular bake as well as cycles where the convection fan runs. I've had it happen on baked goods as well as meat items.

This is my only complaint. I suppose the "fix" is to rotate the baking pan 180 degrees, halfway thru it's time, but... really?

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Cavimum - do you preheat the oven for 15-20 minutes? We have the same oven and I thought it was taking too long to heat so called the service technician. He arrived when DH was home, but he went through a thorough check and said everything was operating according to specifications.

He showed DH the way the oven heated, and it goes to "within 20 degrees" of the target temperature within a few minutes. That 20 degree range is what is specified. It oscillates around this temperature, first high, then low, until it is stable. This takes a good 15 minutes. Until you get to this point, you will get uneven baking or roasting.

I tested it last weekend with several batch of cookies and found that the longer preheat does result in very even baking. I usually bake large batches, filling all 3 oven racks with big cookie sheets. These cookies were all nicely browned, more so than the cookies I baked over Christmas.

I bake on convection and do not rotate pans.


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Cheryl - I was also told to pre-heat for 30 minutes to avoid the problem, so I do it for 30 minutes, but it does not seem to make much difference.

I am still watching results, hoping to figure out this phenomenon. It's not a crisis, thank goodness. :-)

I now bake smaller items, like casseroles, in our Breville toaster oven because it uses less electricity, no 30-min preheat, etc.

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Cavimum - I suggest you call for service while it's still under warranty. It should not be heating unevenly after preheating.


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Cheryl - The store tech came out and tested it. He told me, after a 30-minute pre-heat, that it was heating evenly. It is cooking at the right temp. and things are coming out a little better when I give it a 30-minute preheat.

The oven is only a few months old and I have the mfr's warranty as well as extended warranty purchased.
I really don't know what's up and am going to keep watching it.

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Just a suggestion. Try pre-heating on convection bake.
That is what I do on my Miele ovens and it seems to help.

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