Bath Mat/Rugs - Damage to White Marble Floors?

WoodleyCHJune 10, 2014

I have Calacatta marble floors in my new bathroom and am wondering if it is safe to put non-white bathmats and/or rugs in the bathroom. Has anyone had any experience with the same and advice to share? (I am concerned about dye discoloring the marble, especially when wet, as well as any issues with a rug pad and marble.)

Thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

Did you seal it? With what?

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The bathroom is in the final stages so it has not yet been sealed and I have not decided whether or not I want to seal it (mostly concerned about the sealer causing the tile to darken - I could't use epoxy grout because that grout left a darker haze on that tile in a test area).

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Do you have to use non-white bath mats or rugs? I'm in the middle of a bath remodel and just sealed the grout in my shower and will do the same in a few days to my floor which just went in yesterday. I would test your sealer on a sample tile to see what happens. I'm using 511 Impregnator and if it didn't change the color (darken) my grout, which I'm sure is more absorbent initially than your marble, I'm not sure how it would discolor it. But you have to test it. BTW, the 511 Impregnator was recommended by my tile guys and it ain't cheap ($34 for a quart). I don't know why you wouldn't seal the grout on your floor which will get wet and have dirt ground into it.

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Thanks! I was worried about discoloration from sealing (and have read various articles about sealing v. not sealing) but will probably test and then seal. I don't need a non-white mat/rug but I really like the idea of the contrast! Thanks to all for the advice.

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