Question about vanity installation against two walls

vp_78June 19, 2012

Hi everyone - we are getting ready to purchase an "off the shelf" vanity top for our vanity. This is for a remodel of a small (5x8) hall/kids bathroom, and we had to get a 24" vanity. The vanity will nest in the corner of two walls, although it's not a corner style vanity.

My question is... If we buy, say, a Pegasus brand vanity top from Home Depot, and install it, will we then have a gap between the vanity and the wall? Because I'm assuming the sink will be centered on the vanity top, but the vanity top is 25", and the vanity itself is 24". Which should mean that there's a half inch overhang on either side of the vanity. Which then means there will be a half inch gap between the vanity and the wall.

How do you rectify this? With caulking? Or should we just bite the bullet and go to a local place to get a custom-built vanity top? Not that it would be that expensive, just most likely more expensive then the $180 Pegasus one.

Thanks for any words of wisdom!

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Have the vanity top overhang one side by 1", rather than centered on the vanity. Not a big deal.

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You may also want to know if the corner of the room is actually square. I did a remodel and found that my free standing vanity was square whereas the walls in the corner of the room were not. I pulled it slightly out from the wall to try to make it less obvious. I found the same issue when I swapped a corner vanity for a pedestal sink in my powder room.

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Do a filler strip along that side of the vanity. I am assuming that the sink hole is already cut. I think it would look better to fill the gap rather than pulling the counter to one side, even if just a smidgen (I'd be able to see the shift).

Unless of course if there is no sink hole cut, then having the 1" on one side makes sense, cutting the sink hole taking that adjustment into consideration.

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We have 1 inch on one side, looks just fine. We ran into an issue with the walls not being square, but too late to fix anything so one wall has a slit towards the back so the counter sits flush at the front. Honestly, with a 48 inch vanity, can't even tell it goes into the wall at all since it's such a small amount.

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